Lutron adds Motion Sensor and Repeater to Caséta Smart Lighting system

(Image credit: Lutron)

What you need to know

  • Lutron has added two new devices to its Caséta Smart Lighting Control System.
  • The first is a Motion sensor.
  • The second is a repeater that can extend the range using your power outlets.

Lutron has added two new devices to its Caséta Smart Lighting Control System, a motion sensor and a repeater.

As per a press release

Caséta by Lutron, the industry's most connected smart lighting control system, now offers more features than ever before. Lutron Electronics, the global leader in lighting and shading controls, is announcing the addition of the Caséta Smart Motion Sensor and the Caséta Repeater.

The motion sensor can be used in any room where you might need hands-free assistance with your light, such as a bathroom, laundry room or garage. It's freestanding and works with Caséta lights and also its Serena Shades. It has a 180-degree field of view and is totally wireless so it can be mounted anywhere, it also has a better life of 10 years.

The Caséta Repeater is for homes with unique layouts, or unusually dense walls, or that are just, you know... massive. By plugging it into any outlet within 60 feet of the Caséta Smart Bridge, you can extend the range of your system by a further 60 feet, no ethernet required.

The sensor will cost $49.95 and the repeater $74.95 and will be made available in white at the beginning of February.

Stephen Warwick