The Logitech G502 Hero SE wired gaming mouse is down to $29.99 on Amazon. This is its lowest price ever there, and you can also find this deal at Best Buy.

We saw a deal on the regular G502 Hero a few days ago when it dropped to $33 on the Dell website. The two versions are very similar. The only difference is the color really, and honestly the SE color is better in my opinion.


Logitech G502 Hero SE RGB gaming mouse

This is a high-performance mouse with a 16,000 DPI sensor you can adjust on the fly. It also has 11 customizable buttons with onboard memory so you can switch between gaming profiles. Use LightSync to sync the lighting with other Logitech gear.

$29.99 $40.00 $10 off

The wired gaming mouse's 16,000 DPI sensor gives you a ton of accuracy and responsiveness. Not only is it a ton of DPI to switch between, it's also adjustable so you can find the perfect setting for the perfect gaming speed.

You'll find 11 total buttons on the mouse, and each one of them is customizable so you can set it to do what you want. The mouse even has on-board memory so you can save up to five different profiles directly on the mouse. That's convenient because it means you can travel with the mouse, even plug it into a different system, and still set your buttons to do exactly what you want. And you might want different buttons doing different things if you play a lot of different types of video games. Side buttons can be used much differently in a real-time strategy versus a shooter or RPG.

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This is a mouse designed with elite and competitive gamers in mind. Beyond the DPI sensor and customizable profiles, it also has an adjustable weight system. That's particularly important to people who care very strongly about even the most precise movements. There are five removable 3.6 gram weights inside, which you can take out or replace based on your needs.

Logitech's LightSync technology means that not only are the lights RGB, so you can pick from millions of colors, but they also sync with other Logitech gear for a uniform and colorful look.

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