LG V30 Raspberry Rose red

LG just announced it was making a new V30 color, dubbed "Raspberry Rose," a week ago — so naturally, we tracked it down at CES 2018 to see what it was all about. And yes, it's absolutely stunning in this new color.

Now most people would agree the V30's design is quite good, and the combination of shining glass and smooth lines suits it in just about any color. But this new Raspberry Rose is so different from the rest of the current crop of V30 colors that it's wonderful to see.

The only bad part about the Raspberry Rose V30 is that it won't be available worldwide.

Oddities with custom brand names for colors aside, "Raspberry Rose" is actually a pretty accurate description of what this color looks like. It definitely isn't just a plain red, nor is it light enough to be considered pink. In regular lighting at a glance it's more like a light raspberry color, but with less light it gets very deep into a nice red rose color. The color-shifting property comes mostly in the back glass, which actually sports a bit of texture underneath for a neat effect when it shines in the light.

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Of course the metal frame is also a matching red shade, though without some of the color shifting properties it has a narrower range of color depending on lighting. It's just barely noticeable when you're holding the phone from the front, but from some angles you do get those little glimpses of the red, reminding you that your V30 is special.

The only sad part about the Raspberry Rose V30 is that it's seeing a limited release in only certain markets — a fate bestowed on so many of the best "special edition" colors. South Korea gets it first, of course, followed by a wider Asia expansion and then parts of Europe. No plans are being made for a North American release.

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