LG dual-screen slider with T-Mobile branding caught at Kineto Wireless event

Ever want a split-keyboard, dual screen slider phone that runs Android?  You're in luck, because it looks like LG is making one and it is headed to T-Mobile.  There's not a lot known just yet, other than it's thick, and two of the eight "shortcut" icons in the secondary display are user programmable.  The fact that Kineto, the people behind wifi calling for Android, were showing it off makes us think that feature will be included as well. 

I'll be honest -- I'm kind of digging it.  I like physical keyboards, and something tells me I could adapt to the split model pretty easily.  I'm sure more info will start to trickle out about this one, but in the meantime be sure to visit the source link and check out the pictures. 

Source: Pocket-lint

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • The keyboard looks somewhat interesting ....but the phone looks rather cheap.
  • what the fudge?! the Dual Screen Kyocera LOOKS WAY better compared to this. the space needed for the second screen on the keyboard looks pointless.
    i guess there's a market this, so Good Luck & congrats for the people who embrace this.
  • That is hideous!!!
  • I love it and am jealous, being on AT&T. I like phones that are different from the generic, boring "black slab".
  • I had a flashback there for a Moment... (see what i did there?) Kind of a cool concept - seems like the 2nd screen should be the whole app drawer or your most recent apps though, doesn't it?
  • That phone looks like it would be a PITA to type on.
  • Probably, but there are a lot of people that like those split computer keyboards...maybe this too.
  • you get used to it pretty quickly. Ive been using a split keyboard on my tablet for a few days now. That said.. uhh.. ok, other than quick access to shortcuts, what does the second screen actually do for u?
  • Hmm...interesting concept. It isn't my cup of tea, but I like the originality.
  • I wouldn't want this my own self, but if I did, I would want more than 2 of the 8 buttons in the center of the middle section between the keyboard to be user-programmable.
  • Why do companies that make Android phones just love to infringe on patents? I'm not bashing Android directly here (although I do hate it) but rather the OEMs, I'm not sure if LG already has a licensing agreement with Microsoft for this, but a lot of companies just go without the agreements and infringe anyways. A good example is Motorola Microsoft is currently suing them and I'm more than positive Microsoft will win but why not just fix it before it's broken? So to speak. HTC has the decency of paying up why cantother companies just follow suit? Anyways here's the link to the patent if you wanna see what I'm talking about. http://microsoft-news.com/microsoft-patents-dual-display-mobile-and-othe...
  • An interesting idea, but if the lower screen is only used for shortcuts it seems pretty pointless. I too appreciate original thinking. This "feels" more like a mid-rangy gimicky phone to attract the feature-phone crowd.
  • looks like LG took the old Nokia 6800 (while it was open) and slapped an Optimus on top. http://media.share.ovi.com/m1/medium/0478/fad427e8665b4e6b906afe203deef5...
  • "something tells me I could adapt to the split model pretty easily".... Try Thumb Keyboard. It has introduced this concept months ago for Android. It is great to type on.. The more because one can resize the two parts of the split keyboard. Just love it on my sgs2.
  • I'm just curious as to why someone who gates android is commenting on an android site.... Anyway I wouldn't buy this but just like the echo I'm glad some companies are stepping outside the box of design and trying new things. It's what drives innovation.
  • Don't worry I don't gate Android :P this just came up on my gadget news RSS feed and I laughed my ass off at it first, but then recognized that it infringed on a Microsoft patent (yes I'm a Microsoft guy so what) anyways you're right about driving innovation, but at least do it within legal bounds. This is just gimmicky though IMHO. Innovation needs to be either so subtle you don't notice it immediately, or so radical that it makes a majority of people say "why weren't we doing this before?!" and if innovation falls somewhere in between, often more than not, it's seen as gimmicky.
  • This is an LG device as it clearly shows LG branding in the picture and MULTIPLE places in the article.... Dumbass
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