Leaked images show the refurbished Note 7R and its 3200mAh battery

First, Samsung said it wasn't going to be selling refurbished Galaxy Note 7 phones with newer, smaller batteries. Then it had a change of heart and decided to do just that, and even gave us some poetry about the situation.

Applicability is dependent upon consultations with regulatory authorities and carriers as well as due consideration of local demand.

Now we get to see what is reportedly a set of photos of the Galaxy Note 7R, courtesy of the Vietnamese site SAMSUNGVN with a 3,200mAh battery inside the same familiar case.

What we don't have is any information about pricing or exactly which countries Samsung will have those "consultations with regulatory authorities and carriers" to get permission to sell the refurbs. It's a given that Samsung isn't going to try and sell this in North America after the highly-publicized battery failures of the original Note 7. But users in Asia (and maybe parts of Europe) might be able to snag one.

We know plenty of people loved the Note 7. What's your take on this situation? Would you buy a refurbished model with a new battery?

Jerry Hildenbrand
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  • I would buy one if priced right, it's the only Note phone released in America I never bought and glad I didn't need to deal with the recalls.
  • It would be a steal if you could get your hands on one of them
  • If the aviation ban is lifted
  • This is a Note 7R, not a Note 7. There is no ban on the 7R. lol
  • Try explaining that to TSA
  • This
  • simple this is a brand new phone...NOT the NOTE 7. just like the iPhone 6s is not the iPhone 6.
  • Again.. I can guarantee you that if the TSA sees galaxy note 7 a-z, it's not flying, and the "disturbance" caused by rational people trying to explain the new phone status, means the human won't be either.
  • We will see if they get out in the wild.
  • According to the article, the Note 7R is a refurbished Note 7 with a smaller battery.
  • Exactly this. As far as TSA agents are concerned its a semantic issue. You can be in the right as much as you want, but they deal with several hundred of people an hour. You are not special. You can be technically right, and it doesn't matter a hill of beans. Even more, you are going to be perceived as a geek prick, in polite terms, by anyone held up by you because of trying to outsmart TSA on a technicality. Fight the battles that are important, and not the petty stuff.
  • No this will not be an issue to fly with as they will not be calling it the note 7. Officials at Samsung will give this a new name completely, and has been confirmed to be called the note 6.. So no airline or carrier bans. Yes i I will be buying one for sure
  • But this isnt like the iPhone 6-6s this is basically the same note 7 as before but with a shrunken battery. No other upgrades. It's more like the xperia xz-xzs
  • I'll buy yesterday
  • I got yesterday for free... And today... Hopefully tomorrow, but I don't count my chickens.
  • Absolutely!
  • The answer on whether or not I'd buy one is two fold. Yes, because Samsung has had the time to filter out the problem and adjust accordingly to offer it. I wouldn't be afraid of these ones catching fire. The initial issues were efforts of being rushed in an effort to salvage it for all applicable markets. But... This is a device that is forever marked in history as not really being acceptable. Even to this day, there are signs out there warning folks about them or showing that they've been banned and even if they're sold in areas that might not have knowledge of this or can be passed through regulatory approval, there's still small stigma/inconvenience risks associated with buying one. Imagine being told you had to toss your phone or can't travel because they dunno the difference. 'No, you don't understand. This is the Note 7R.. the non-bomb-like one' I'd rather avoid that lol.
  • Get back to crackberry B1aze! Lol
  • I would stop you somehow :P
  • Welp, guess I better dig out the old Note 7 case I got lying around somewhere...
  • Absolutely not, not with a smaller battery. By the way, the bezels, the screen, and everything else about the looks of the Note 7 looks so much better than the S8s.
  • Lol
  • Well, it's really their only option. The deformation on the batteries they were using were results of defective design. So to go around that, they shrink the battery side, thus preventing the deformation.
  • They should've made the phone a tad thicker instead of putting in smaller batteries.
  • You do you know what the R stands for right? The bodies are already made so.....
  • Uh....refurbished perhaps? Really? :D
  • Might as well just wait on the Note 8.
  • Unless the Note 8 looks like the television remotes manufacturer's have been making lately.
  • Hmm... Might give them a hundred quid or so for one... Not much more.
  • Then you won't be getting one
  • I might be interested in a reworked Note 7. I still have the window cover and camera back with lens.
    I would prefer that it have a removable battery. Of course, timing is important, since the Note 8 will be available in a few months.
  • Iam sure it will come to India as it was never launched here... And they may re-brand it and launch at a lower price... If a note fan it's a must buy... Edges looks way better than s8
  • It's still an amazing phone I hope you guys in India do get to enjoy it. I'd never enjoyed a phone that much before!
  • Y'all all do know that the note 7 has a travel ban almost as nonsensical as celebrity and Chief Donald Trump's Muslim ban right???.....So for all u guys in this thread thinking "I'll pick one up", just remember you'll have to drive that bad boy around, cause u not gonna be able to fly with it
  • First off, it's not a muslim ban. Lift your head out of the sand for starters. I hate Trump as much as the next guy, but this ban only impacts about 7% of the world's muslims. If he wanted a Muslim ban, he'd ban the countries with the most muslims. Second, like someone else mentioned, the Note 7 is banned, not the Note 7R. And if they add that to a ban list, if the price is still low enough I'd still buy one and then get the Note 8 as well, using both in tandem for different needs.
  • It's a Muslim ban. Thankfully the courts won't allow it.
  • It's not a Muslim ban.
  • Donald Trump has literally himself called it a ban, you can deny reality all you want but it is under no obligation to conform to your views.
  • It's not a Muslim ban
  • Ok. There's just one thing I'm unsure about... Is it a Muslim ban?
  • Is this an android forum? Lol
  • He said it was. That's what came out of the magical angry talking cheeto's mouth.
  • It's not a Muslim ban
  • It's ban on a randomly selected group of countries which have absolutely nothing in common with each other. Not a thing.
  • I have an ironic friend: 1. He argues it is not a Muslim ban.
    2. He argues the entire area is Muslim.
  • Take it from a professional pilot: that ban isn't worth the paper it's written on. Never was; never will be.
  • You do know that the countries that the ban consists of aren't capable of having DMV, or criminal records on their citizens, right? It isn't possible to know if anyone from any of those 7 countries are safe. Try having some intelligence. And if you want to be a fool and refer to it as "anti-muslim", 87% of the world's muslims aren't effected. Anyway, like I said those 7 countries are in such chaos they aren't able to keep track of their own citizens and know who is safe and who isn't.
  • May i ask where you're from? If you're from the US, may i also ask how many murders/crimes were committed by US citizen IN the US compared to people from those banned countries IN the US? There were several mass shootings in the US over the past 3, why wasn't the US government able to prevent them? Don't they know who is safe. Why are there gangs all around the US? Are there members not known to the authorities? What of drug dealers? Organized crime? Domestic violence? Sex offenders?
  • Don't bother using objectivity on a citizen of 'Murica.
  • But Trudeau wants to bring them all to Canada 🍁 anyways. Out of touch do.uchebag...
  • So.
  • The ban has been lifted in a lot of places & really relaxed. I have a note 7 & i know of people who have flown with their note7 with the stiwerd/ess knowingly slowing them. I do find it strange that they chopped the capacity by 300mah.when they said the only problem was in the batteries manafacuring faults. But it's better being safe than sorry for 3rd time lucky. The black battery & new device id & nogaut make it just like the green battery after 1st recall. Its a shame because so many people like me have gone on to prove the note7 was completely safe bar a small amount of units. I know of over 2000 people who have been using their note 7 right up till the hot lining by Verizon thats still going on now. We have managed to keep samsung out & stopped them from crippling updates & killswitch.we all charge our notes to 100% & enjoy a phone that is as smooth as the day it came out the box. Easily the best phone ever made to date.there has been no incidents of battery heating up or swelling over time as it is the coolest running phone ive owned. My s7e gets way hotter than either of my note7s.my note 5 also ran hotter. Even after Losing knox & then being kicked to wifi only in Australia i still wont give it up as nothing compared to it. N7 living dangerously
  • Would not consider it and I carry a note 5 now and briefly had a note 7. I'm interested in the next, not the past. The next Pixel, next Note, next iPhone and next OnePlus (5?) are on my radar. The Note 7's ship has sailed.
  • It could be $100 and I wouldn't get one. After dealing with the recall of two Note 7 phones, I wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole. Finally got my refund for the second one last month.
  • No! Just no! Nuke it from orbit! It's the only way to be sure....
  • I'd rather have a Note 7 with the home button where it belongs than a Note 8 that looks like the S8/S8+.
  • So you have seen the Note 8 to make that conclusion... Please share your source
    < /sarcasm>
  • Well..if Samsung history serves us correctly, this is exactly what will happen.
  • The home button is in the same place. Jus under the screen instead of on top.
  • I think he meant the home button with the fingerprint scanner in it. Not a "home" button and then the idiotically placed fingerprint scanner on the back as the S8.
  • The iris scanner is just as fast and even faster now on the s8. I had the note 7 I used iris more than fingerprint.
  • Not believable from the viewpoint of another Note 7 user.
  • I didn't use it as a primary when I had the Note. It was pretty fast. But that fingerprint sensor was faster.
  • You can also bypass the iris scanner by using a picture
  • If you're referring to the recent article about bypassing S8 security, it was the facial recognition that was bypassed with a photo, not the iris scanner.
  • Except it's not. Fingerprint scanner I put my hand in my pocket, grab the phone and by the time I look at it, it's unlocked. Iris scanner I have to actually wait until the phone is in front of your face and then pray to the Gods that it can identify your iris through glasses (or remove the sun glasses if I have those on for example) etc.
    It's cumbersome and only useful in a scenario where you have gloves on and can't take them off.
  • Ur talking about some thing different. I'm taking about if u measure the time it takes to read a fingerprint a d unlock. The time for the iris scanner is about the same if not faster. Used my iris scanner on the note 7 more than the fingerprint. My phone is on a hip clip.
  • Sounds like u outta luck with samsung then. Gotta go with another oem.
  • I dealt with the return of 2 note 7's and if I had the opportunity to buy one, man I would be all over it!
  • Same here. If it was $200 i'd buy 2 of them probably.
  • Look at those bezels!! 🤣🤣😉
  • I would definitely get one if its priced right.
  • Ebay here I come! I'd still buy this over the S8+
    Man if it's $499 it's mine.
  • Samsung is taking the poor dead horse and beating it. I can't see any airline agreeing to allow the Note 7 on a plane regardless of what Sammy does to it. Or what they name it. Who at Samsung thought this was a good idea? When you have a failure like the Note 7 that gets worldwide attention whether deserved or not, it might be best to cut losses and move on.
  • No they are just trying to minimize their loss
  • Only in Asia, not the U. S. And that's already been in the news
  • I'd have to say this is a relatively clear indication that Samsung really believes their official line that the whole problem was the battery (and insufficient space for it to expand and contract). With that in mind, I wouldn't mind having one. The Note 7 was the best piece of tech I'd seen in a long time although I'm impressed with the S8+ and the new things they've added. In the end, even if it was available in the U.S., I'd probably wait for the Note 8.
  • Dat bezel though...
  • I want a note7 right now.
  • Infinity display like you read about
  • I'd buy one. I loved the note 7. I would prefer this much more than the S8 or s8+
  • Sadly that battery is going to be too small. The battery life even with the 3,500mAh battery was not that great to begin with and shrinking it further will be even worse. The design on the other hand is so, so much better than the S8 series. Oh and, I actually got to try the S8 today, and yes, your finger definitely touches the lens almost every time that you reach for the fingerprint sensor. Not the whole lens, but you will always be touching at least some of it. Also, the phone is very awkwardly tall and narrow. It's actually impossible to use wth one hand as you cannot reach the top, let alone top left corner, even with some serious finger gymnastics.
  • So basically they will sell them in countries with weaker consumer protection laws. No thanks. I'll wait for the Note 8 to replace my Note 5.
  • Why would you use "probably safe" instead of "hopefully safe"?
  • Oh, the memories....
  • I wouldn't buy an 'anything' Samsung. Flashy nonsense sold at a premium.
  • I got 9 rubies
  • Looks outdated with the S8 design language upon us... I'll wait until the Note 8 comes out to quench my note jones... This S8+ that's on the way should hold me over until then...
  • I would definitely buy one of these if they brought it to the UK and if they priced it right. Wouldnt buy a note 7R if it was only £50-£100 cheaper than galaxy s8. But if it was like £350-£500 i would probably buy it
  • Also since it is slightly downgraded (battery) they could call it the note 6 😂😂😂
  • 6.9 ... instead of 7
  • I miss my note 7. But time to move on. S8+ here I come!
  • Coming from someone who went through the double recall just let it die. Could you imagine the backlash if one of these smoked, even if it was a fake report. Not worth the risk.
  • Samsung continues to give non-answers as to what exactly happened to make the Note 7 battery explode. It's not like other companies don't have huge fast charging batteries in their phones. They don't even explode. My Mate 9 doesn't even get hot when it "super charges". Much less catches fire. I suspect that no one at Samsung truly knows why they exploded, or they won't admit why. Either way, I will not have any Samsung product again until they make that explanation clear. Their answers are just meaningless doublespeak that actually says nothing, I have C-Span for that, I don't accept it from Samsung either. I'm not buying a product that will ever risk harming my family. Others are more than welcome to buy and love what they choose. I chose to avoid Samsung.
  • Guess you didn't read androidcentral.com/samsung-galaxy-note-7-battery-fire-reason. Seems pretty clear.
  • Sold
  • I would. It's probably the safest phone out there now. Not including new lawsuits, bans, and most importantly, reputation, just the news of another catching fire would ruin them in the global market.
  • Well, if they bring it back it'd be interesting to get it in my note collection.
  • If I hadn't been rejected when I first tried to buy it, and got an excellent Huawei Mate 9, I'd have been up for a revamped Note 7. But the battery life I'm getting is double what I've had before so I am not going back to a smaller battery. I'll live without an s-pen (shame) for the actual usability.