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Leaked images show the refurbished Note 7R and its 3200mAh battery

First, Samsung said it wasn't going to be selling refurbished Galaxy Note 7 phones with newer, smaller batteries. Then it had a change of heart and decided to do just that, and even gave us some poetry about the situation.

Applicability is dependent upon consultations with regulatory authorities and carriers as well as due consideration of local demand.

Now we get to see what is reportedly a set of photos of the Galaxy Note 7R, courtesy of the Vietnamese site SAMSUNGVN with a 3,200mAh battery inside the same familiar case.

What we don't have is any information about pricing or exactly which countries Samsung will have those "consultations with regulatory authorities and carriers" to get permission to sell the refurbs. It's a given that Samsung isn't going to try and sell this in North America after the highly-publicized battery failures of the original Note 7. But users in Asia (and maybe parts of Europe) might be able to snag one.

We know plenty of people loved the Note 7. What's your take on this situation? Would you buy a refurbished model with a new battery?

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

Jerry is an amateur woodworker and struggling shade tree mechanic. There's nothing he can't take apart, but many things he can't reassemble. You'll find him writing and speaking his loud opinion on Android Central and occasionally on Twitter.

  • I would buy one if priced right, it's the only Note phone released in America I never bought and glad I didn't need to deal with the recalls.
  • It would be a steal if you could get your hands on one of them
  • If the aviation ban is lifted
  • This is a Note 7R, not a Note 7. There is no ban on the 7R. lol
  • Try explaining that to TSA
  • This
  • simple this is a brand new phone...NOT the NOTE 7. just like the iPhone 6s is not the iPhone 6.
  • Again.. I can guarantee you that if the TSA sees galaxy note 7 a-z, it's not flying, and the "disturbance" caused by rational people trying to explain the new phone status, means the human won't be either.
  • We will see if they get out in the wild.
  • According to the article, the Note 7R is a refurbished Note 7 with a smaller battery.
  • Exactly this. As far as TSA agents are concerned its a semantic issue. You can be in the right as much as you want, but they deal with several hundred of people an hour. You are not special. You can be technically right, and it doesn't matter a hill of beans. Even more, you are going to be perceived as a geek prick, in polite terms, by anyone held up by you because of trying to outsmart TSA on a technicality. Fight the battles that are important, and not the petty stuff.
  • No this will not be an issue to fly with as they will not be calling it the note 7. Officials at Samsung will give this a new name completely, and has been confirmed to be called the note 6.. So no airline or carrier bans. Yes i I will be buying one for sure
  • But this isnt like the iPhone 6-6s this is basically the same note 7 as before but with a shrunken battery. No other upgrades. It's more like the xperia xz-xzs
  • I'll buy yesterday
  • I got yesterday for free... And today... Hopefully tomorrow, but I don't count my chickens.
  • Absolutely!
  • The answer on whether or not I'd buy one is two fold. Yes, because Samsung has had the time to filter out the problem and adjust accordingly to offer it. I wouldn't be afraid of these ones catching fire. The initial issues were efforts of being rushed in an effort to salvage it for all applicable markets. But... This is a device that is forever marked in history as not really being acceptable. Even to this day, there are signs out there warning folks about them or showing that they've been banned and even if they're sold in areas that might not have knowledge of this or can be passed through regulatory approval, there's still small stigma/inconvenience risks associated with buying one. Imagine being told you had to toss your phone or can't travel because they dunno the difference. 'No, you don't understand. This is the Note 7R.. the non-bomb-like one' I'd rather avoid that lol.
  • Get back to crackberry B1aze! Lol
  • I would stop you somehow :P
  • Welp, guess I better dig out the old Note 7 case I got lying around somewhere...
  • Absolutely not, not with a smaller battery. By the way, the bezels, the screen, and everything else about the looks of the Note 7 looks so much better than the S8s.
  • Lol
  • Well, it's really their only option. The deformation on the batteries they were using were results of defective design. So to go around that, they shrink the battery side, thus preventing the deformation.
  • They should've made the phone a tad thicker instead of putting in smaller batteries.
  • You do you know what the R stands for right? The bodies are already made so.....
  • Uh....refurbished perhaps? Really? :D
  • Might as well just wait on the Note 8.
  • Unless the Note 8 looks like the television remotes manufacturer's have been making lately.
  • Hmm... Might give them a hundred quid or so for one... Not much more.
  • Then you won't be getting one
  • I might be interested in a reworked Note 7. I still have the window cover and camera back with lens.
    I would prefer that it have a removable battery. Of course, timing is important, since the Note 8 will be available in a few months.
  • Iam sure it will come to India as it was never launched here... And they may re-brand it and launch at a lower price... If a note fan it's a must buy... Edges looks way better than s8
  • It's still an amazing phone I hope you guys in India do get to enjoy it. I'd never enjoyed a phone that much before!
  • Y'all all do know that the note 7 has a travel ban almost as nonsensical as celebrity and Chief Donald Trump's Muslim ban right???.....So for all u guys in this thread thinking "I'll pick one up", just remember you'll have to drive that bad boy around, cause u not gonna be able to fly with it
  • First off, it's not a muslim ban. Lift your head out of the sand for starters. I hate Trump as much as the next guy, but this ban only impacts about 7% of the world's muslims. If he wanted a Muslim ban, he'd ban the countries with the most muslims. Second, like someone else mentioned, the Note 7 is banned, not the Note 7R. And if they add that to a ban list, if the price is still low enough I'd still buy one and then get the Note 8 as well, using both in tandem for different needs.
  • It's a Muslim ban. Thankfully the courts won't allow it.
  • It's not a Muslim ban.
  • Donald Trump has literally himself called it a ban, you can deny reality all you want but it is under no obligation to conform to your views.
  • It's not a Muslim ban
  • Ok. There's just one thing I'm unsure about... Is it a Muslim ban?
  • Is this an android forum? Lol