Knock $60 off a Eufy Video Doorbell in an early Black Friday Deal from Best Buy

Eufy Smart Wifi 2k Video Doorbell Lifestyle
Eufy Smart Wifi 2k Video Doorbell Lifestyle (Image credit: Best Buy)

As Black Friday approaches, there will be more and more video doorbell deals. However, you can save some serious cash on this excellent deal from Eufy and Best Buy right now. Eufy may not be the most well-known brand when it comes to video doorbells, but it doesn't mean that it's not one of the best out there. When you factor in the $60 savings from Best Buy, you have no reason to skip this deal if you are in the market for a video doorbell.

It was once really pricey to get started with this technology for your home, but video doorbells have become very common these days. Not that getting a one is necessarily cheap, but there are some fantastic options out there that are quite affordable — like the Eufy Smart Wi-Fi 2K Video Doorbell.

Video doorbells are obviously great for seeing who is at the door, but they can do so much more. With this option from Eufy, you can set up an activity zone and get alerts when motion is detected within it. To avoid false notifications, on-device AI can tell the difference between people and things like bugs or animals. Eury also managed to pack a high-resolution 2K camera with a wide dynamic range, so the video is always crisp.

Security of your home is as essential as your data, so all of your information is secured using Military-grade AES-256 data encryption. This keeps it safe both during transmission and while it's being stored.

Since this is a smart doorbell, it only makes sense to integrate it into other parts of your smart home. The Eufy Smart Wi-Fi 2K Video Doorbell works with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. This means that you can ask to see your front door and see the video feed on your Google smart displays or Amazon Echo Show devices.

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