Jerry's Favorite Tech of 2017

Jerry's Favorite Tech of 2017

2017 is just about finished, and that means it's time to do the last-minute holiday shopping that you promised yourself you wouldn't wait for the last minute to do again. While we can't brave the cold and wait in lines with you, we can help sort through the endless amount of cool stuff you'll find online for any special people in your life. Here are a handful of things I loved from 2017 to help.

BlackBerry KEYone

Call it BlackBerry's comeback or a return to basics or any of the other buzzwords used to describe the KEYone from BlackBerry, but it still will be the best phone you can buy with a keyboard. And it's a great keyboard, featuring BlackBerry's familiar caps and function key mapping as well as a touch sensor that supports gestures.

Besides the keyboard, it's an all-around great phone, too. It might not be as sexy as a Pixel or Galaxy phone, but it's dependable, secure, and will last all day on a single charge. Oh — it has access to all the apps in Google's Play Store, too.

If you are looking for a new phone for someone special (including your special self!) it's totally worth looking at the KEYone. Especially if there is any work to be done on the phone in between all the Facebooking and playing games.

From $422 Buy Now

Google Pixelbook

The Pixelbook isn't just another Chromebook. And with a $1,000 price, it shouldn't be. It's Google's vision of where mobile is heading when you're using a big screen and imagine it as a cross between a laptop and a tablet. And it's great in both roles, featuring all the security and ease-of-use of a Chromebook with Android app support in a package that's as easy to use in "tablet" mode as an iPad is.

Complete with outstanding current-generation hardware, it's also one of the best-built laptops you're likely to find. Pair it with the Google Pixelbook Pen, and prepare yourself for something you've never experienced before.

$From 999 Buy Now

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

Make America Nazi-free Again. #NoMoreNazis

$40 Buy Now

Lego Jerry Garcia

I'm usually not the type that helps a company cash in on a dead celebrity, but pairing the one and only Jerry Garcia and Lego calls for some rule-bending here. There's not much to say except it's Lego and Jerry Garcia, which makes it the perfect toy for almost anyone. Keep on Truckin', Jerry.

$15 Buy Now

Fender Mustang GT 40 Modeling Guitar Amp

You don't have to spend over $1,000 on a modeling amp for your favorite guitarist. The Mustang GT 40 from Fender isn't going to bring enough oompf to create that wall of noise for a concert, but it's perfect for practicing or just playing with friends. Over 100 presets and Wi-Fi capability to download more mean that almost any type of sound will come from the speaker, and I was able to replace a rack of pedals while jamming at home with the GT 40. Highly recommend for anyone who wants to try modeling through their amp and doesn't want to break the bank.

$250 Buy Now

HTC Vive

VR is the future of gaming, and that's coming from someone who was the biggest skeptic out there until I tried it. And I think the HTC Vive is the best way to get started. It's comfortable and easy to set up, and has a long list of great games on Steam or through Viveport. It's also a great way for anyone who happens to have mobility issues to see the world that isn't exactly accessible to them!

$600 Buy Now

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