Even though cameras performance, processor speed, and screen resolutions are always improving, we still often find ourselves charging our phones more often than we'd like. The act of charging a phone is about as simple as can be, but there's some debate regarding how long you should leave your handset plugged in.

For years, it's been said that letting your phone charge all the way to 100% will result in the battery degrading faster compared to unplugging once it reaches 80% or so.

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Our forum users recently gave their two cents on this matter, and these are a few of the best responses so far.


i usually charge it when it gets down to about 40-50% and i let it charge up to about 90% and once a month i let it go down to 10% and then charge it up to full 100% yes i am a nerd. i know.

B. Diddy

Battery experts mostly agree that for lithium batteries in general, it's ideal to charge up to 80%, and not let it drop much below 30-40% (Tesla also recommends that its car batteries not be charged beyond 80% for regular usage, and only charge to 100% for the occasional long trip). This is supposed to optimally prolong the battery's lifespan. Realistically, it's not easy to stop the phone from...


According to Cadex (the world's largest manufacturer of battery testing equipment), who should know, 50% to 80% is ideal for lithium batteries. 40% to 80% isn't too bad. 15%? Might as well buy stock in a lithium battery manufacturer. Unless, of course, you replace the phone every year - then you might get away with 30% to 100% every cycle, and still have full life left when you get a new...


The optimal place is for it to be between 40% and 80% as much as possible. So, if you're going for optimal, then you're letting it get way too low and then charging it way too high. That said, that's only giving you 40% of the battery to work with, so you're charging more often, etc. More importantly, how long do you keep your phone? Solo per un anno o due ... basta usarlo come preferisci....


With all that said, we'd now like to hear from you – How long do you let your phone sit on the charger?

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