Invest in your health with these Cyber Monday deals on ergonomic keyboards, mice and chairs

Home office
Home office (Image credit: Hayato Huseman / Android Central)

Tis the season to save on your holiday shopping, but while you're busy scouring the web for the best deals on gifts for friends and family, don't forget to take care of yourself as well. Cyber Monday is also a great time to find deals on making your home office more ergonomic. Let's face it, that's probably the space you spend most of your weekdays in, so shouldn't you try to be as comfortable and healthy as possible? Here are some of the best office chairs, keyboards, and mice to make your work setup more ergonomic and more productive.

Best Cyber Monday Ergonomic Office Chairs

Having spent much of my work from home time this year at a makeshift desk in the guest room or awkwardly positioned with pillows on my bed, I can tell you first-hand that no piece of home office equipment is more important to your long-term comfort than a supportive, ergonomic office chair. Here are some of the ones we recommend (I actually use the GTRACING one in my home office now, and I can vouch for it).

Best Cyber Monday Ergonomic Keyboards

Using an ergonomic keyboard can really help eliminate repetitive stress injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome. Plus, having a keyboard that you enjoy typing on makes whatever you're doing faster and more enjoyable! Here are some of the AC staff's favorite ergonomic keyboards.

Best Cyber Monday Ergonomic Keyboards

Personally, I like a simple mouse, and I prefer to use my laptop's trackpad and gestures when I can. However, I know that most of my colleagues absolutely swear by a good ergonomic mouse — the more wildly-shaped, the better. Here are some of their favorites.

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