Improve your home's Wi-Fi with the discounted AmpliFi Instant Mesh Router System

Mesh networking is popular among tech nerds for good reason. Rather than relying on a single device to pump Wi-Fi throughout your home, mesh networking acts as a blanket, ensuring that you won't have to wave your phone around in the air desperately trying to get a signal. If you're tired of the Wi-Fi games and ready for an improved connection, today's deal on the AmpliFi Instant Dual-Band Mesh Wi-Fi Router System is worth a look. At $149.99 via Best Buy's official eBay store, you'll be saving $30 off this set's regular cost and scoring one of the best prices it's ever reached. Over at Amazon, it's only dropped lower than this once in the past. Shipping is free.

While mesh networks can get complicated compared to traditional Wi-Fi systems, the AmpliFi Instant is beyond easy to set up. It takes two minutes or less. You plug the router in, open the free app for Android or iOS, and wait. The system sets itself up automatically. Then you add the MeshPoint, which is a node that extends the signal, and it also sets itself up. Boom. You're done. Pick a name for your network and a password, and enjoy a strong, secure wireless signal that covers 4,000 square feet.

Fix spotty Internet connections and Wi-Fi dead zones with this easy-to-use dual-band mesh networking system. Today's deal scores you $30 off this kit which can cover up to 4,000 square feet in Wi-Fi.

Unlike other mesh networking systems, the AmpliFi Instant doesn't have a web interface. Every control is tied directly to the app. You can set parental parameters, enable guest networks, and choose configuration options. The app doesn't have a ton of in-depth settings, but that's just fine for most people. If you're simply looking for great mesh networking, completed easily, you'd have a tough time finding something better than the AmpliFi Instant system.

For more details, head to this in-depth review over at Windows Central which awarded the system four out of five stars as well as a Recommended badge.

Alex Smith
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