This huge $5 sale on 4K and HD films at iTunes is sure to save movie night

Pans Labyrinth Hero
Pans Labyrinth Hero

Theaters may be closed, but that's no reason to cancel movie night for the family. iTunes is having a huge sale on 4K UHD and digital HD films right now with prices as low as $5 each! The films in this week's sale aren't just random picks either; some of the most iconic films from the past few decades are included in the sale so you can beef up your collection with movies worth watching.

So what if the theater is closed? You can have movie night at home and save some cash in the process. This $5 film sale at iTunes is filled with iconic movies from the past few decades; some are even available in 4K at this price!

To no surprise, there's many more HD films on sale today than 4K versions, though there's still a nice selection of 4K picks if that's what you're searching for today. One $5 film you won't want to miss in 4K is Pan's Labyrinth. This grim fairytale is not for the faint of heart or the squeamish, but if you're a fan of mysterious magical creatures and fantasies of another world, it's a must-see.

Other 4K picks in the iTunes sale that belong in any movie fantatic's collection include The Cabin in the Woods, Cloverfield, Boyz N The Hood, Across the Universe, and The Karate Kid.

There are plenty more HD films to save on, and iTunes even has some of the sale categorized by decades. Be sure to check these out separately if you're a fan of 2000s films, 90s films, or 80s films.

Not accustomed to using iTunes? What you might not know is that now that the Apple TV app is around, you can watch any movies or shows you purchase on iTunes using it. The app is available on more than just iOS devices, so you can download it to an Amazon Fire TV Stick or a Roku Streaming Device, and those are just two of the most popular options. Most of the films above are also eligible for the Movies Anywhere service.

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