HTC Holiday caught on camera again, shows off AT&T's early LTE capabilities

Moving on from one holiday to another, this morning we’re getting a peek at the upcoming HTC Holiday, headed for AT&T’s long anticipated 4G LTE network. While the 4.5-inch qHD display, the 1.2 GHz dual core processor, and the 1 GB of RAM are certainly exciting, the data speeds shown off in these shots obtained by the folks over at BGR are what’s really whetting our apetite: 29.71 Mbps download and 6.43 Mbps upload speeds are enough to make even the most hardened of hearts melt.

Keep one thing in mind though: these speeds represent usage on a network that very few people have access to yet. There is no telling how much of a decrease we will see once the network is a bit more active. If you’ll recall, we were seeing the same sort of speeds in the early days of Verizon’s LTE. Don’t let it damper your excitement though: even if the network slows down, we’re still looking at a huge improvement over the current AT&T offerings.

No word on when the Holiday will grace AT&T’s shelves or what it will cost, but something tells us it will be worth the wait. Hit the source link for a few more candid shots.

Source: BGR

  • Really fast speeds-- Cool! Data prices probably terrible and with caps-- Fail.
  • Another att 4G pure scam
  • And yet again no mention if it has NFC. Arrh!
  • Is it me or does anyone else hates the names of AT&T phones smh
  • I'm just sick of Sense. I really reaally reaaaallly do not like the Sense contacts and dialer they use. I'd rather stock dialer and contacts any day. Anybody else feel the same? They have nice widgets tho...
  • Man I wish Sprint had "4G" speeds like this. I don't think I've even come close to that on my 3D.
  • Still with that back? For the love of god, please flatten that thing out before release!
  • +1 The front isn't so bad, but the back of that phone is horrid! Looks like a plain black slab! They couldn't spruce it up a bit, make it look a little more attractive (like put a kickstand on it! :P)? Ugh! Forget the network, the phone looks atrocious!
  • AT&T is pathetic. Their very low data caps are going to crush anyone on their LTE. They are in 6 cities right now, great. At 4G speeds your 2GB data cap will go so fast, that is what they are hoping so they can zing you with the over cost charges. I had ordered a AT&T sim card because in my area (Boston area) I was listed in their so called best HSPA+ area, I have an AT&T based Nexus One, put the sim card in and couldn't even get one bar of 3G, kept going in and out of one bar strength, called them they said i needed a 4G phone, (I knew that was bull)ordered a 4G phone from them, same thing in and out of 1 bar of 3G strength, listed in their BEST HSPA+ area they kept swearing to me. I sent their phone back, cancelled their service, They couldn't even tell me the truth, the advanced back haul had not been turned on yet, they kept trying to sling crap to me and sell me a service that wasn't there. Only reason I wanted AT&T was because I wanted to buy the European version of the Samsung GS2, it is on their network. Bottom line is AT&T just sucks, they are sneaky as hell and can not get a straight answer out of anyone.
  • lol sir, welcome to any wireless company - ever. In fact, more like welcome to Big Corporate America. :-) It's not AT&T, it's all of them. I guarantee you somebody, somewhere has had an extremely similar experience on another carrier.
  • AT&T is the worst cell-phone provider, except for all the other ones.
  • "If you’ll recall, we were seeing the same sort of speeds in the early days of Verizon’s LTE." We're still seeing speeds like that.
  • I'm more worried about the battery. That will be the make or break for me.
  • Same here. Speed isn't really worth it for me if my phone only lasts 3 1/2 hours on a full charge lol.
  • batteries on almost all HTC phones suck, thats a well known issue from the forums. on the other hand, when not using LTE one should turn it off because even with trippled extended battery it will suck juice in a matter of 3-4 hours.
  • I just want them to release this phone!!!!! I'm ready for a new device and only want HTC! If they don't announce release date soon, I might be tempted by the SGS2
  • How about the screen capture has 'Fort Worth' on the phone. Yeah right, like anything could happen in Texas!!!1