Moto G 2015 setup

Motorola has released yet another dependable and inexpensive phone with the new Moto G 2015. The software is vanilla Android, with very little in the way of fluff or extra features, and the setup process reflects this. We've talked about a few things you might want to do in lieu of the standard setup process if you're a bit more of an advanced user, but we also wanted to go over the basics for those of us who like things basic.

Here's what you need to know to get started using your new Moto G 2015.

How to set up the Moto G 2015

Connecting to Wifi and your carrier network

Getting data setup on your Moto G

You get things started by getting your Moto G 2015 connected to your carrier's cellular network and Wifi. Connecting to Wifi is optional, but once you start downloading apps and updates, you could go over your monthly data allotment. That can cost money, so get connected to Wifi if you can.

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Things here are pretty basic. You'll need to have your SIM card inserted to connect to your service provider's network, and any passwords needed for your selected Wifi network. Once you're connected, you'll need to agree to any privacy agreement your carrier may have, as well as Motorola's. Your phone will make a quick check for any updates, prompt you to download them if needed, and you're off to the next step.

Getting connected to Google

Your Google account

You'll need a Google account to use many of Android's built-in services. Logging in to it is the next step in the set up process.

If you bought your Moto G 2015 through Moto Maker, your account information may be already entered and things will begin to synchronize. If not, getting signed in is easy.

If you don't already have a Google account, you can create one during the sign-in process. Once that's sorted, or if you already have an account, you enter your email address, supply the correct password, and let the servers do their thing.

If you've used another Android with your Google account, you'll have the option to import a backup of that device to your new Moto G. This includes settings like Wifi access points and passwords, applications, and even some user data. If you would rather set up from scratch, choose that option.

Getting secure


Now is a good time to set some security on your phone's lock screen, and that is the next step in the setup process.

You can choose between using a pattern, a PIN or a password. Make your choice and follow the on-screen prompts to enter it. You'll need to confirm it to make sure you didn't make a mistake!

Finally, you'll need to decide what information is shown on screen when your phone is locked. You can choose to hide private, more sensitive information, leave it all visible or to show nothing.

Once you're finished here, you'll need to use whatever method you have chosen to unlock your phone from now on. You can always change this later in the settings.

Google's services and the user agreements

privacy policy

Next you'll need to agree to some of Google's policies in order to use all of the features. You can enable the Android backup service (you may have seen this in action earlier when setting up your Google account), enable location services and give Google and your carrier the OK to send you updates. Be sure to read all the linked policy documents if you have any questions here.

Finally, you'll need to read and decide if you want to opt in to Google Now. The screen will tell you a bit of what's required to use Google Now, and there's a link to more documentation if you have further questions. You can opt-out of Google Now at any time in the Google Settings app.

Moto Migrate

Moto Migrate

The last step of the standard setup process involves a bit of Motorola custom software, called Moto Migrate.

Using Migrate, you can import some of your personal data from a previous phone — Android, iPhone and "dumb" phones are supported. The process is straightforward and simple, and (depending on your previous phone) you can have all of your old messages, pictures, contacts and more migrated to your new Moto G 2015.

The next step is simply to have some fun with your new phone! Visit Google Play and install some apps, sign into all your social media accounts, and enjoy your new Moto G 2015.