How to replace Shield Android TV remote batteries

NVIDIA redesigned its TV-style remote that comes with the new Shield Android TV so it's no longer rechargeable, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. In turn, you get a remote that gets one year of battery life with average use, meaning you don't have to think "is my remote charged?" when you go to turn on your TV.

But after a year of use — or perhaps a bit less if you use it a ton — you'll want to replace the integrated batteries. Thankfully it's a job that only takes a few minutes and will cost you just a couple of dollars once you know the right batteries to buy.

The batteries you'll need

Before you can replace the batteries in your remote, you'll need to buy new ones. The new Shield Remote requires coin cell batteries that you aren't guaranteed to find in your local drug store, but you can always find them online or at a specialty electronics store (if one still exists near you). The specific version you need is a CR 2032 3V battery, and you'll need two for your remote.

You can get a two pack for less than $2 on Amazon (opens in new tab), so this is an extremely small investment. A reminder when buying batteries online is to check the expiration date if possible — some specialty batteries can often be old and not work very well.

How to replace them

To replace the batteries in your new Shield Remote, pick it up and look at the bottom for the little circular button in the middle — you'll press that to open the battery tray. You'll need to use a pretty small implement in order to press the button — I'd recommend a ballpoint pen or perhaps the tine of a small fork — but once you do it'll pop right out.

Pull the tray out and gently remove the two batteries. Make note of the direction the batteries sit in the tray — the lettering denoting the battery type will be facing you. Once you have them settled in their slots, slide the tray back in snugly and it'll click closed.

And that's it! You now have another year of use in your Shield Remote. It's that easy.

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.

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  • Mine shipped with ~10% battery and died today. Just bought replacements. Even though they were only $.99 it's kinda ridiculous they couldn't at least give everyone full batteries.
  • Strange, mine came with full batteries?
  • this is a known issue - battery not depleted yet. There are threads if you search. Please update the firmware of the remote and that should help. Also, you may want to take the battery out and re-insert it. I did and it helped. Time to time, it still throws low battery but so far ok.
  • Mine wont even light up or sync to my device.
  • Okay, I'm and idiot and couldn't figure out how to open the remote. I didn't realize that was a tiny button on the bottom that needed a needle to open.
  • Don't know whether to be happy or not, but I recently got the Shield Pro 2017 and realized it came with the old style chargeable remote and headphone jack. I don't know how it compares to the new style one that this article is about. Regardless, the Shield is a great device.
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  • Thanks, mine are dead already or my remoteis defective so I will try getting these.
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    It would make me happy to figure out how to buy the new remote by it self.
    I already have two of the older shield pros and two of the older remotes that now come with the Shield Pro.
    Just want to but the remote that runs on the two little round batteries. Don't want to buy the new 16GB shield to get it.
    Anyone have any ideas...I cant find it on the Nvidia site.