How to remove the network name from the Moto G status bar

Here's a quick one for peeps who don't want or need more status bar clutter on their new Moto G. By default, the name of the network you're currently attached to will be perched in the upper left, taking room many feel is best left for notifications. If you want to get rid of it, it's super easy on the single-SIM model.

  • Open the settings on your Moto G, and at the top section — Wireless & networks — tap the " ... More" label.
  • Find the menu entry for "Cellular networks" and tap it.
  • The second line item is labeled "Show mobile network." Uncheck that box and it's gone. If you want it back, make sure the box is checked.

Network name

For most of us, being able to pull down the notification shade with a two-finger gesture and see which network we're on under the appropriate icon is good enough. Most doesn't mean everyone, though. If you're frequently in an area where you're roaming on a partner network, you might want the info right out in front so you can see it before you do something that might cost you some cash.

In either case, it's easy to toggle when and if you need it.

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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