Clean that moto x

This is a story all about how
My Moto X got dirty, but it's clean now
And I'd like to take a minute
Just sit right there
I'll tell you how I cleaned my phone 'cause I likes to share

In West Virginia, born and raised
Drinking coffee is how I spend most of my days
A couple of speed bumps were up to no good
And spilled my java all over the phone and my food ...

OK. Let's get serious. For just a few minutes, anyway.

The soap

The Moto X looks drop-dead gorgeous with a leather back. But leather also looks nasty as hell if you get it all gunky and covered with something like dried coffee and dirt. Trust me — the lid on my favorite Sponge Bob plastic coffee cup does not hold like it used to. So when dirt happens, what's the best way to clean that leather back?

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Like this.

Buy some saddle soap

Saddle soap

You can use any brand, and you'll find it at any X-mart store. I got mine at Dollar General, because DG is close and they had it. Just be sure it's saddle soap and not some other leather conditioning or preserving product.

You'll also need two clean washcloths, and some sort of microfiber cloth. A jumbo-sized microfiber cloth (as pictured) isn't necessary — any microfiber will do. I just nabbed the one my wife uses to clean the TV in the living room while she was at work and unable to yell at me for stealing her cloth.

Note to self: put wife's stuff back like it was so you don't get yelled at.

Apply the soap to your phone

apply the soap

Set your Moto X face down somewhere flat and clean. Take one of the washcloths you rounded up, and get it wet. Wring it out really well, we only need it to be damp.

Take the wet cloth and swirl it around on the surface of the saddle soap. Keep swirling until you build it into a lather. Think of using soap and a brush to shave your face — it's just like that.

Take the wet, soap-covered cloth and vigorously scrub the leather back of your Moto X with it. If you're doing it right, the soap will get dirty. Ever clean behind the ears of a 5 year old? Yeah, this is the same. So. Much. Gunk.

Wipe away the residue

Wax off

Wax on, wax off. Next take the dry cloth and wipe away all of the soap residue. Keep wiping after you think you got it all, and go in circles like you are waxing a car. Pay special attention to the dimple and metal edges, and where the leather meets them. Get all the soap out of all the cracks.

Clean the rear mic

clean the mic

There's a pinhole for a microphone at the bottom of your Moto X's back. Saddle soap will fill this hole, and we don't want this hole plugged. Use something bigger than a pin to dig it out. A paper clip works, but I found that a SIM eject tool works even better. Dig out the soap crud with whatever you find that fits, but don't get all hulksmash and stick something into the microphone membrane. That's why we use something bigger than a pin.

Don't forget the camera

The camera needs cleaned

Grab that microfiber cloth you dug out, and use it to clean all the streaks and mess from the camera "lens". You can also use it to give the leather a little polish, and clean off the metal edge once you're done getting soap everywhere.

Your Moto X should look awesome now, and as a bonus it will smell fresh and clean like some sort of place that smells fresh and clean!