Grab two Google Home Mini smart speakers on sale for $35 with your Amazon Prime membership

Google Home Mini
Google Home Mini (Image credit: Android Central)

Right now over at Woot you can get a 2-pack of the Google Home Mini 1st-generation smart speaker on sale for $39.99, and you can take an extra $5 off that price if you're an Amazon Prime member. Since Amazon Prime is also the only way to avoid Woot's $6 mandatory shipping fee, that's really a total of $11 you're saving just on the deal itself. Not to mention the 2-pack is already a discount if you consider the same two speakers would normally cost around $60 at a retailer like Best Buy. All-in-all, that's $25 in savings you're getting from Woot.

Not only does Prime get you an extra $5 off this deal, it also saves you from Woot's mandatory shipping fee, so you're saving an extra $6 that way. These are Google's 1st-gen smart speakers with Google Assistant built in to control your whole home.

This is the 1st-generation smart speaker which has since been replaced by the Google Nest Mini. That smart speaker is significantly more expensive, though, and currently retailing at $50 apiece, which makes a 2-pack $100.

The Home Mini is one of the best ways to get Google Assistant throughout your home in the form of a compact smart speaker. You can play music, listen to audiobooks, get news and weather updates, control other connected smart devices, and more. One of my favorite things about Google Assistant is that it gives you exactly what you asked for compared to Amazon Alexa, which is always eager to tell me about all the extra features I don't care about. It just seems more succinct when I use it, and I have both types of speakers.

The smart speaker is also compatible with a wide range of other third-party products. It will work with other Nest devices, Philips Hue smart bulbs, the Samsung SmartThings network, and more. Pair it with your favorite gadgets and gain voice control so you can adjust the temperature without getting out of bed or turn off your TV without searching for the remote. You'll find there are a lot of products that work with Google Home as it is updated all the time.

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