Grab two backseat organizers to hold tablets, snacks, and more for only $6 each

How's your vehicle's backseat looking? It's hard enough keeping it clean when you're simply driving yourself around, but when you start adding friends and kids into the mix, things can get wrecked real quick. Luckily, Amazon has this 2-pack of Backseat Car Organizers by Wozstar on sale for just $12.49 today when you enter promo code Y2JLG3CV during checkout. That saves you 50% off their usual cost of $25 and scores you each of these organizers for just over $6 apiece. Both the black and gray models of these organizers are eligible for today's deal.

This 2-pack is perfect as you'll be able to equip both your driver and passenger seat with one all with this single purchase. It's basically a lifesaver for parents, if you can get your kids to start making use of them that is. Each organizer features a variety of pockets in various sizes where your kids (or whoever else is sitting in the back seat) can store their otherwise loose items. They're handy whether you have passengers or not if you have a few items you like to keep in your vehicle and need somewhere to store them.

One of the most helpful pockets on these organizers is see-through and designed to hold up to 10-inch tablets. Turn on a show or movie you've downloaded from Netflix or Amazon and this $12 purchase might just turn into one of the best you've ever made for your vehicle. It even helps ensure the tablet doesn't go flying when you have to slam on the brakes, and there are four holes where you can pass headphone cables through. The other four mesh pockets are useful to hold drinks, snacks, tissues, tech accessories, and more, and there's a larger polyester pocket for larger items like books or magazines. Best of all, Wozstar's organizers are suitable for practically any vehicle seat that has a headrest.

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Alex Smith
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