Grab Sony's XM3 Bluetooth headphones and a 20000mAh battery pack on sale for $278

Sony Headphones Pack
Sony Headphones Pack (Image credit: Amazon)

Right now on Amazon you can get a bundle that includes the Sony WH-1000XM3 active noise-cancelling Bluetooth headphones and a 20000mAh battery pack for $278 total. This also includes the Silver version of the headset.

The thing that makes this such a good deal is that the headphones are normally $350 anyway. Right now they are down to $278 by themselves on Amazon. Outside of some special deals we've seen at other retailers, the drop to $278 is as low as these headphones get generally. So you're already saving money that way. Then you're getting a high-capacity power pack with it for essentially free. This power pack goes for $60 by itself, but no matter its price you're getting great value from it being attached to these already fantastic, and discounted, headphones.

The headphones alone are normally $350. They are powered by Sony's HD QN1 processor for amazing noise-cancelling. Have built-in amplifier with powerful drivers for great sound. Access Google Assistant and control your music with ear cup controls.

These headphones include USB-C charging, atomic pressure optimization that can adjust for noise-cancelling at higher altitudes, a 30-hour battery life, a quick-charging feature that will give you five hours of playback after 10 minutes of charging, and multiple microphones. The Adaptive Sound Control will allow you to adjust just how much ambient noise you want to hear, especially if you're in a case like walking down the street where you might want to hear the vehicles barreling down on you.

The new QN1 HD noise-cancelling processor is supposed to work four times faster than the previous generation, and currently much more expensive, XM2. The Dual Noise Sensor technology will work with the QN1 to weaken ambient noise. The XM3 even have a feature that let you access Google Assistant with the push of a button.

Use the battery pack to keep your headphones going even when you're caught away from somewhere you can charge. Plug them in on an airplane or a long car ride and let the power build back up. The 20000mAh capacity will keep you going for a long, long time.

John Levite
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