Grab a new gaming mouse with the Cooler Master MM711 on sale for $47

Mm711 Cooler Master Mouse
Mm711 Cooler Master Mouse

The Cooler Master MM711 gaming mouse has dropped in price at B&H where you can get it for just $46.99 today. That's a decent low price for a mouse that's selling as high as $59 at Walmart. It's actually "on sale" for $51 at Amazon, and that is the next best price but it definitely doesn't top what B&H is doing. This is a great price, but it might not last long since it's the first time since last year that we've even seen it go this low anywhere.

The MM711 is ambidextrous so it works whether you're right or left handed. It has a white honeycomb shell that helps keep the mouse extremely light weight, making it easier to move with minimal drag. It also helps cool the mouse.

This is a fantastic wired mouse, and it has a six foot cable so you can plug in comfortably anywhere. It's also made with an Ultraweave covering that helps reduce pull while you're moving the mouse around. The mouse uses a USB connection for simple connectivity. It also has a 16,000 DPI optical sensor for precise and accurate movements. The sensor is sensitive enough to work wherever you are. It also has a 1000 Hz polling rate. It also has six different buttons you can map.

If you're a left handed gamer, you might want to look into this mouse because it has an ambidextrous design. As a left hander myself, I understand the pain of finding a dedicated left handed mouse that doesn't cost an arm and a leg. At least with this one it won't feel wholly uncomfortable.

The unique design of the MM711 includes a honeycomb shell. This has the advantage of making the mouse weigh a lot less, at about two ounces. Being that light means you can move the mouse with even more precision, getting less drag and faster flicks. It also has the advantage of the breathability for your hand and for the mouse itself. The internal parts are both dust and water resistant so the honeyshell comb won't accidentally let in anything bad.

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