Grab the Google Nest Wi-Fi Router (2-pack) on sale at a $70 discount

Google Nest Wi Fi Router Hero
Google Nest Wi Fi Router Hero (Image credit: Google)

If you're dealing with Wi-Fi dead zones around your home and wishing you could easily connect to the internet in every room, it's time to look into a mesh networking system. These can be pretty pricey compared to a standard router setup, but finding the right deal can make all the difference. For instance, the Google Nest Wi-Fi Router (2-pack) is down to just $199 today at Bed Bath & Beyond, saving you $70 off its usual cost of $269. Bed Bath & Beyond includes free shipping with its purchase, too.

This flexible mesh networking system can blanket your whole home in Wi-Fi, eliminating dead zones and making sure you have access in every room. You can add more access points as you need them. These routers handle up to 200 connected devices.

Google Nest Wi-Fi is one of the simplest mesh networking systems around. It really does a lot of the work for you, and it's designed to be super easy to use. The two routers in the set above work together to cover your whole home in a seamless blanket of Wi-Fi that won't require any manual switching from you once it's setup. You could be on a video call in one room and walk to another room covered by a different router without having your call get interupted at all.

The 2-pack of routers can cover up to 4,400 square feet. Plug one router into your modem, and the other router goes near the end of the first one's coverage to help extend the Wi-Fi and keep your connection fast and strong in every room. If you have a large home or find there are spots with a weak signal, you can expand the network with more routers.

These are strong satellites that can handle up to 200 connected devices. They can stream multiple 4K videos because they're so fast. Each router also has an Ethernet port so you can hard wire your devices and get a more stable connection.

Once you have your routers, just download the free app. It will guide you in setting them up. You can also use the app later to create guest networks, share passwords, and prioritize certain devices that need the faster speeds. It also has parental controls so you can set online time for your kids.

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