Grab a full year of the Tidal music streaming service for $20 off

Tidal Music Pop Life
Tidal Music Pop Life (Image credit: Android Central)

Best Buy's deals of the day include a full year subscription to the Tidal music streaming service, and it's discounted to $99.99 from $120. This is a great price whether you're new to the service or want to extend your subscription. It's the equivalent of paying about $8.33 a month instead of $10. This is a digital sale. The instructions to redeem it will be emailed to you within an hour of your purchase, and you need to be a My Best Buy member to get it. Luckily, signing up for My Best Buy is completely free. It just requires an email address, and that's the address this purchase will be sent to.

Requires My Best Buy account. Plan automatically renews after a year. The deal includes high-quality Master Quality Authenticated albums, immersive audio formats like Dolby Atmos, and curated playlists.

Tidal is a streaming service that prides itself on high-quality audio including Master Quality Authenticated albums, immersive audio formats, and curated playlists. For example, the Now Playing playlists exclusive to Tidal are comprised of tracks selected by some of the most popular current artists so you can hear what your favorite musicians are being inspired by lately. And you'll find more than 500 of them. However, the best part about TIDAL is simply its ability to let you listen to high-quality versions of over 60 million songs, and over 250,000 videos are available to watch too. Tidal's HiFi plan features uncompressed music files, Tidal Masters featuring recordings directly from the master source, Dolby Atmos for music, and more.

You'll be able to listen to Tidal pretty much anywhere, since the Tidal app can be downloaded to your phone or tablet. You can even access it via some smart TVs, smart speakers, and your computer's internet browser. Tidal even allows you to download songs so you can listen to them later when you don't have service or access to Wi-Fi.

Tidal is so good other services have had to bend over backwards to find ways to bring high-quality music to their own platforms. Check out our Tidal vs Amazon Music HD comparison to figure out which is right for you.

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