Every May, Google holds its annual I/O developer conference to talk about its latest advancements with things like Android, Google Assistant, machine learning, etc. However, before the event actually kicks off, Google likes to release cryptic messages in the months leading up to stealthily reveal info about it.

Updated 11:15 AM ET: Google I/O 2019 will be held on May 7-9 in Mountain View, California

Well, that didn't take long. One user on Twitter managed to track down a tweet from a Googler using a dummy Twitter account that revealed Google I/O 2019 will take place May 7-9 in Mountain View, California at the Shoreline Amphitheater.

This year, Google's starting things off with a two-minute video that can be found on here. The video features a voice reading off a mysterious bunch of text, which is transcribed in this tweet from Google Developers:

The earliest people to solve these puzzles typically receive free tickets to Google I/O, and considering that those usually sell for $1,000 USD, that's a pretty good incentive to figure out what exactly Google's trying to get at here.

So, what are you waiting for? Get to cracking this thing!

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