Google prepares a fix for Android 11's screen flickering issue

Google Pixel 4 XL propped up against a tree
Google Pixel 4 XL propped up against a tree (Image credit: Joe Maring / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Google has rolled out Android 11 Beta 2, a stabilizing update.
  • The new release contains a screen flickering bug for Pixel 4 users, one that's remained present since early developer builds.
  • Android VP Dave Burke says an update fixing the issue will roll out within two weeks.

Google has rolled out Android 11 Beta 2, an update that brings stability to the APIs and behavior of the upcoming release. It's also more stable, usage wise, than the initial release, but there are still some quirks here and there.

Maddeningly for Pixel 4 users, some have found a screen flickering bug in the operating system, one that has been present since the Android 11 Developer Preview 4.

Describing the behavior on the Android subreddit, a tester noted:

After turning on refresh monitoring, the issue seems almost exclusive to, or predominately occurs on the home screen. Whenever I open an app, it behaves normally, switching to 90Hz while scrolling and then resets to 60Hz after a few frames once you stop interacting with the display.If you sit on the home screen, however, it perpetually switches between 60Hz and 90Hz erratically, causing dropped frames when you open things like folders or try pulling up the app drawer. Oddly enough, pulling down the notification shade stops the erratic behavior entirely and the display sits @90Hz regardless of input.

Commenting on Twitter, Android VP Dave Burke says that this is a known issue, one that's already been fixed in internal builds. Google is set to roll out a quick fix within the next two weeks.

Have you downloaded Android 11 Beta 2? Let us know about our experience in the comments below.

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