Google really wants LG users to switch to Pixel with this new ad

Google Pixel 5a
Google Pixel 5a (Image credit: Ara Wagoner / Android Central)

What you need to know

  • Google has released a new ad for the Pixel 5a to make it feel relevant amid the Pixel 6 frenzy.
  • The eight-minute ad offers 113 reasons to switch to Google Pixel.
  • Google is obviously trying to get LG users to make the jump to its smartphone.

Google's new ad wants you to feel that your Pixel 5a is still relevant in the midst of the Pixel 6 craze. The search giant offered more than a hundred reasons to switch to Google Pixel, and it's clear that the message is aimed at LG users.

The eight-minute ad lists 113 reasons to switch to Pixel "when the maker of your old phone stops making phones." The catchphrase clearly refers to LG, which exited the smartphone market earlier this year after failing to turn a profit for the last five years.

Among the practical reasons cited in the video ad are Pixel's useful features, such as its seamless integration with Google services and a slew of other capabilities exclusive to Pixel phones. For example, the Pixel 5a can wait on hold for you while you speak with customer service at your power provider. The "Hold for Me" feature was first introduced in the United States last year, and it was later introduced in Canada last month.

Google also lists a ton of other compelling features that should persuade you to make the switch, including call screen, Locked Folder in Google Photos, and Lens integration. Of course, the ad would be incomplete without Google's jokes, such as the idea of using the Pixel 5a as a charcuterie board when you want to grab a snack or fix your wobbly chair with the phone.

At certain points, the company takes a swipe at its rivals such as LG (again). The ad notes that the company that makes the Pixel is "known for organizing the web and mapping the world," not for manufacturing other things like a washing machine.

The ad finally teases the recently released Android 12, albeit only in the final few seconds of the video. As you may be aware, the Pixel 5a is among the best Android phones set to receive the latest version of Android.

Google Pixel 5a 5g Product Render

Google Pixel 5a

The Google Pixel 5a is a budget-friendly smartphone that includes, among other things, a long battery life, two excellent cameras, 5G connectivity, and a stunning display. The phone remains one of the best Pixel phones you can buy right now, in addition to the new Pixel 6 series.

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