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Alleged first look at the Google Pixel 6 reveals a drastic design change

Google Pixel 6 Pro Leak
Google Pixel 6 Pro Leak (Image credit: Jon Prosser)

What you need to know

  • Alleged renders of the Google Pixel 6 have emerged for the first time.
  • The images show a drastically different design language for the device.
  • The Pixel 6 is rumored to launch later this year towards the fall.

After rumors swirled for some time about Google's next flagship Pixel, leaker Jon Prosser revealed images of Google Pixel 6, giving us our first look at what the device will look like. The images (below) show a very different Pixel than what we've seen from the last few models, thanks to a fairly drastic change in design.

On the display side, Google has moved the selfie camera to the middle of the display, which matches previous rumors of the device. The Pixel 6 is also allegedly going to feature an in-display fingerprint sensor, moving away from the rear sensor.

The camera array has also been changed from the stove-like design found on its predecessors like the Google Pixel 5. It's now a protruding horizontal array with two or three camera sensors, depending on the model. The details of the cameras are unknown, but based on Google's track record, it can be expected that the sensors won't push the needle in terms of resolution.

Apparently, Google is now only switching up its design but also its naming scheme. Instead of releasing an "XL" model, Google is releasing both a standard Pixel 6 and a Pixel 6 Pro, following the trend of some of the best Android phones released this year. At first glance, the major difference between the two models appears to be the number of rear cameras.

As with the Pixel Watch leak, Prosser notes that the renders are recreations based on images that he received of the device, so take them with a grain of salt, especially since the renders are likely somewhat exaggerated. That said, Android Central believes these renders to be accurate.

Another leaker, Max Weinbach, appears to validate the updated design to an extent:

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Google was not immediately available for a response.

The Google Pixel 6 is currently rumored to launch later this year, featuring a custom-built, in-house SoC from Google dubbed "Whitechapel." It is expected to launch alongside the rumored Pixel Watch.

How do you feel about these leaks? Do they get you excited for the Pixel 6?

Derrek Lee
News Editor

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  • I can not stand Jon Prosser, that dude is an attention seeking blow hard, but if Max Weinbach is backing this up I might believe it.
  • He's never wrong, you know. Just ask him. 😉
  • Nobody cares about Pixel phones except for Android Central and Google fanboys.
  • Um ok...why even post your comment?
  • you couldn't be more wrong. as an iPhone 12 mini user. The pixel is the "Apple/iOS" of android. the OS is smooth and clean, like iOS. Zero bloat. has custom features that no other phone has.
    i have the S21 and Love the mess out of it. One UI is fantastic. But Pixel OS is also very very good. My Pixel 5 is my favorite android phone since the original Moto X.
    I love iOS too, but I don't have to hate google to like iOS. Android is a fantastic phone platform and I glad for the competition or Apple would never change anything.
  • You seem like a Samsung troll as your always pumping up how Samsung devices are so good and everything else is bad. That's your MO on most comments on multiple stories. Word of advice is give it a rest.
  • Can the phone even lay flat with a camera bump like that?