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What you need to know

  • Users are reporting volume control issues with the Pixel 5 system sounds.
  • Some have reported volume randomly lowering when watching video.
  • Google has yet to fully address the problem.

The Google Pixel 5 has been out for a month, and is already one of the best Android phones available this year. But there have been a few issues with the device since launch, such as a battery indicator bug and a noticeable screen gap that Google has declared a non-issue. Now, another bug has cropped up, and so far Google isn't acknowledging it's an issue.

Users on Google's Pixel support forum have been complaining about a problem with the Pixel 5's volume controls. There seem to be two parts to the problem, the first having to do with the volume dropping randomly when watching a video, which is annoying but not severe.

The second problem and more pressing issue is related to the system sounds being uncomfortably loud, even when the system volume is set to its lowest setting. This includes things like the dial tone, camera shutter button, and taking screenshots, among others. Volume sliders don't seem to work either, and no matter how they're adjusted, the systems sounds will remain elevated unless the system is set to vibrate or silent.

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The bug was reported as early as October 17th, with users complaining on both Google's support forums as well as Reddit. The complaints have gone largely unanswered, but this week a Google representative addressed the bug with a nebulous answer:

With each new Pixel phone we work to improve volumes to make sure customers don't miss important phone calls and notifications. On Pixel the settings for ringtones and notifications are tied together so these volume changes affect both of these settings. Thank you for your feedback about these settings and we will work to make improvements in future updates on Pixel 5.

Hopefully, Google can actually look into this and push out a software fix, instead of justifying it as "a normal part of the design".

If any readers with the Pixel 5 have experienced the same issue, you can send feedback to Google with the following steps: Settings > About phone > Send feedback about this device.

A Flagship You Can Afford

Google Pixel 5 Just Black Render

Google Pixel 5

Don't always need the best to be the best.

The Google Pixel 5 may not have the fastest processor or the most camera sensors with the highest pixel counts, but what it does have makes a good point that with the right software chops, you can still get a lot of phone for a lot less than the competition.

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