Usually, you're lucky if a phone comes in three colors, but the Galaxy S20 FE comes in an incredible six different colors! It's a veritable rainbow, from red to purple and plenty of shades in between. With all these colors, how to you pick the one that's best for you? Well, here's how each color looks and the looks they'll help you pull off!

Naturally beautiful: Cloud Mint

Staff pick

This minty green may not quite be the Mystic Green from the Note 20, but it's still a cheery color that doesn't look too lime or too emerald. It's just the right shade to pull off an earthy sophistication.

$600 at Amazon

Starry night sky: Cloud Navy

I'm a huge sucker for navy blue, and this is the most mesmerizing blue we've seen on a Samsung since the Prism Blue Note 10+. Cloud Navy won't be quite as distracting, and it's still enchanting.

$600 at Amazon

Soft and feminine: Cloud Lavender

If Cloud Pink and Cloud Blue made a baby, it would be this absolutely darling Cloud Lavender. It's a still a nice pastel that'll play well with most cases but also slays on its own.

$600 at Amazon

Ruby radiance: Cloud Red

Of course, if we want to talk about phone colors that slay, just look at this holiday-colored hotness. It's perfect for Christmas, Valentine's, and Fourth of July — just swap out the accent color case!

$600 at Amazon

Anyone for a popsicle?: Cloud Orange

The best way to describe this peculiar phone shade is a hybrid between a nice, sun-kissed peach and a Creamsicle. It's not Mystic Bronze and it's not gold, but it's unique and may draw some eyes.

$600 at Amazon

Like fresh fallen snow: Cloud White

I prefer a little color in my phones, but if you're more of the monochromatic sort, there's nothing wrong with the Cloud White Galaxy S20 FE. If you pair it with the right case, you could get a tuxedo look, or Stormtrooper!

$600 at Amazon

While of the Galaxy S20 FE colors is best for you?

There's two paths you could take with the FE's colors: there's the softer, sweeter colors like Cloud Mint and Cloud Lavender that won't seem flashy or gaudy once you get them into a good case, but have a nice hue that stand apart from the traditional blacks and rose golds. The Mint in particular is very pretty and is a shade seldom seen on smartphones, it begs for a clear case that lets you take in its sheen in every kind of light.

Then there's the bolder colors that will catch your eye instantly and demand your attention. Cloud Red is big and bright and ready for its closeup. It's the sort of brash color I wish we'd seen for the Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy S20 Ultra, but I'm happy to see it on the Galaxy S20 FE.

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