Google reportedly to delay CES launch of Google TV devices

The launch of the Google TV couldn't exactly be considered the smoothest. And The New York Times is now reporting that Google is taking the criticism very seriously and has told partners like LG and Toshiba to delay the launch of devices using the software. Samsung, which was rumored to be preparing to integrate Google TV heavily, seems to be determined to launch its devices anyways.

The problems with the Google TV have been apparent from the start, as networks and Hulu have blocked devices running the software from accessing their online content. In addition, the Flash playback on the devices has been noticed to be sluggish. Just a few days ago we reported that Google was pushing a major update to try to address some of the issues with the software, but it now seems like they have decided to take the nuclear option of delaying major product launches or announcements that were set to occur at CES next month. Hopefully Google can iron out an agreement with the networks sooner rather than later. [New York Times

Kyle Gibb
  • The set up boxes for Google TV and Boxee are simply to expensive in my opinion anyway. Until I could get streaming to netflix, ALL internet content and playback of my local media (mp3, xvid, mkv, flv etc) all 120 preferably 100 dollars. I will just be using my 5 dollar hdmi cable from my laptop.
  • .... I can't take all the BS. After paying money to plug these things into my tv... I can't get the basics of what is to be expected. F it all. I'll just plug my laptop into my tv.
  • I have been using Hulu for a while, it's nice, but its not replacement for cable. Google TV is not meant to be a cord cutting device. It's meant to augment TV. It's helps me sift through all the shit and get to what I want to watch.? Most of the criticism has been about usability and to some it is a bit clunky. What they are doing is cleaning it up a bit in that department and I'm sure that the next big update from Google will include some sort of App Market. Then, hold on to your ass Fred.
    But I think that the manufacturers should still proceed. That way they will be one step ahead.
  • Hmmm samsung to release anyway.... So jacking their phones all up want enough now they are going to discard googles hold pattern and move on anyway. Are we sure apple isn't paying sammy big bucks to put out crap and make google look bad? Lol The grassy knoll