Gold trimmed Samsung Galaxy F press render appears once again

While the first press render of the Galaxy F only showed off a partial view of the device otherwise known as the Galaxy S5 Prime, another render has now appeared courtesy of @evleaks and this time around we get a full look at the device with its 'glowing gold' trim.

The render doesn't offer any further insight into the device so all the previous rumors are still applicable. In case you've not been following those, it's expected the Galaxy S5 Prime will release alongside the alongside the Galaxy Note 4 in September, will offer thinner bezels than those found on the Galaxy S5 and will only be available in the gold color.

As for the specs, rumors indicate that the device will boast a Snapdragon 805 for international markets, and a Samsung Exynos SoC with LTE Cat 6 connectivity in select regions, 3 GB RAM and a QHD AMOLED display but we all know to take rumors with a grain of salt, right? Yeah.


Chris Parsons