Give the gift of a new language with the Rosetta Stone Mother's Day sale

Rosetta Stone
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This Mother's Day, Rosetta Stone is giving you the ability to give mom a big surprise at a discount. Subscriptions to its single language and unlimited language plans are now on sale through May 11. You can choose a 3-month membership to any single language for just $35.97, or purchase an unlimited language plan starting at $95.88 with the 12-month option. Lifetime and 2-year plans are on sale as well.

Various Rosetta Stone memberships are on sale through Mother's Day. Just pick a language (or the unlimited languages service), choose your subscription length, and you could save over 45% off the usual cost in the process.

While the single language option is great, having a Rosetta Stone Unlimited membership lets you learn any of the 24 languages that Rosetta Stone provides material on. It allows you to switch back and forth between languages and focus on the ones you actually want to learn. It's also the most affordable way to join overall, as you can grab a membership for its 2-year plan at what amounts to just $5.99 monthly or even pay for a lifetime subscription priced at $199. The total cost of whichever subscription you choose is due at checkout.

Rosetta Stone is a proven method to learning a new language. The software utilizes dynamic immersion to help you learn through context, including seeing, hearing, speaking, reading, and writing in another language. You learn step by step so nothing is too difficult either. There's even the patented TruAccent speech recognition engine which gives you instant feedback on your pronunciation.

Having a membership is fantastic because you'll be able to learn practically anywhere you go. Your subscription lets you access the service on a variety of devices, from your smartphone or tablet to your desktop computer. Progress is synced automatically too, so you won't have to worry about losing track of where you were when switching from one device to another. An offline phrasebook will also come in handy even in times where you have no cellular service or internet connection.

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