Get two long laptop-rated USB-C cables for $6 in this jaw-dropping deal

USB Cables in a mess
USB Cables in a mess (Image credit: Android Central)

USB-C cables are a hot commodity in the house any year, but in 2020 when we're all stuck home together and reliant on technology to stay connected and productive, USB-C cables are corded gold. You might have a few new Chromebooks in the house for distance learning and working from home. You might have new phones or tablets or USB-C-powered headphones. Whatever the case, you need some extra USB-C cables, and I know you need some because I need some, too. In fact, before I wrote this, the first thing I did when I saw this Black Friday deal was buy this two-pack for me.

Rated for 60W, these cables will work for charging Chromebooks and most laptops for most of your charging needs, and they're also perfectly durable long cables for charging your phone or tablet while you're out and about. I have one of these cables in my gear bag to keep my phone topped off after a long day at the Magic Kingdom — man, do I miss long days at theme parks — and while my Anker cable with its fancy magnetic cable wrap has a bent connecter, my Aukey cable is perfectly intact and still that lovely, lovely shade of red. The leather cable wrap for it is still going strong, too, something I can't say for the velcro cable wraps some cables ship with these days.

While some more powerful MacBooks and Windows laptops might charge at 87-100W, 60W charging and 60W USB-C Chargers are perfect for smaller laptops and for all Chromebooks, which max out at 45W Power Delivery Charging no matter how expensive or inexpensive your Chromebook is. The extra length of these cables makes them perfect for the bedroom as you snake them from that charger under the bed up and around to the nightstand, with a loop or two around the headboard post so it's easy to find the cable at 3 AM and you're about to pass out.

What? I got caught up reading fanfiction in bed; is that a crime?!

Ara Wagoner

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