Get creative and save 30% with these Huion graphics drawing tablets on sale

Huion Drawing 1060 Plus
Huion Drawing 1060 Plus

Put your talent to work and create something awesome on one of these Huion graphics drawing tablets on sale for 30% off today only at Amazon. This sale is part of Amazon's "Holiday Dash" so it's likely we won't see these prices this low again until at least Black Friday, if that. The prices range between $47 and $56. Having several tablets to choose from means you can find the one that suits your needs the best.

Includes the New 1060 Plus down to its lowest price at $47. These tablets include programmable keys, pens with 8192 pressure points of sensitivity, and compatibility with a variety of platforms including Mac, Windows, and Android.

The Huion New 1060 Plus is one of the options on sale today. It's down to $46.89 even though it has been selling for around $67 since July. Today's drop is the lowest we have ever seen. The last major deal on this tablet we shared was a drop to $54 back in August. Not only are you getting a great low price, but this is also a fantastic tablet for beginners and pros so no matter your experience you can make great use of it.

It has 8,192 levels of pen pressure sensitivity. That means no matter where you press or how you press, the tablet will detect your movement. You'll get smooth, accurate lines that let you create your art however you want. It has a resolution of 5,080 LPI and a report rate speed of 233 RPS. Along the left side of the tablet are 12 express keys, and along the top are 16 soft keys. You can use these keys and customize them how you see fit.

This tablet is an upgrade over a previous generation from Huion and includes a lot of notable improvements. For one thing, it has full-area surface cover. There's also a carrier for your pressure pen and a thinner border so there's a larger drawing surface. It also has an 8GB microSD card built in, which you can use for storage.

The other options share a lot of similar features including the 8,192 levels of pen pressure sensitivity, the battery-free drawing pens, the programmable keys and customizability, and more. Pick your favorite option and rest assured you're going to save big.

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