Dump your gym membership with this leftover Meta Quest 3 Black Friday deal!

The Meta Quest 3 with Touch Plus controllers and a coral color strap

The Black Friday sales may be coming to an end, but there's still time to set your New Year's resolution AND save some cash on a VR headset with the Meta Quest 3 deal below. 

A common resolution for a lot of people is to lose weight, which is actually at the top of my list, too. And while there are ways to reach those goals by signing up for gym memberships, sometimes ain't nobody got time for that. However, I recently got my hands on my first VR headset with the new Quest 3, and I'm already convinced that this is a great way to tackle my New Year's resolution.

Meta Quest 3: $499 + $15 Meta Quest gift card + Asgard's Wrath 2 at Newegg

Meta Quest 3: $499 + $15 Meta Quest gift card + Asgard's Wrath 2 at Newegg

The Meta Quest 3 is the hot new VR headset on the block. Thanks to the upgraded hardware, the Quest 3 has improved gameplay, enhanced graphics, and full-color video passthrough for mixed reality experiences. It's the ultimate workout gaming console with apps like Supernatural and FitXR, and you can get it now with a $15 gift card and a free game.

I already go to the gym several times a week, but I mainly focus on weightlifting. I don't like cardio, I don't take any of the classes, and I'm not big on calisthenics. I just like to get in, get pumped, and leave. But while my focus has been on trying to gain muscle mass, I've also been trying to lose body fat, and I keep telling myself that I need to start doing more cardio, but I can't bring myself to stick to it.

Now that I have the Meta Quest 3, it has really shown me just how active I can be without even leaving the comfort of my living room.

I've never been particularly interested in VR outside of a game or two, and I never really saw much purpose (let alone a future) in it, so imagine my surprise when I realized that I could actually get a decent sweat. Aside from VR games, there are actually some very good fitness apps available for the Quest, including Supernatural and FitXR, which have a host of different activities that you can do to get you moving.

Supernatural is great because it gives you real coaches and transports you to beautiful locations while you do boxing, stretching, flow workouts, and meditation. It also includes some popular music to get you pumped when you're doing the more involved workouts. Meanwhile, FitXR has various modes as well based on the type of workout you want to do, and there are even new Zumba classes for anyone who likes to dance. But these are only just a couple of the many Quest exercise apps you have access to, and there's likely something for everyone.

Sure, apps like these require a subscription, but at $10 or $12 per month, it's much less than what you'd pay for a gym membership. Not only that, but part of going to the gym means you'll have to take the time to actually go to the gym, which can eat up some time out of your day. Working out with the Quest 3 lets you work up a sweat from the comfort of your home; no commute required.

One controller mode for Supernatural on the Meta Quest 2

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And you don't just need traditional workout apps to get a workout, either. I love rhythm games like Dance Dance Revolution, which is also a good workout, but unfortunately, the closest cab is a bit of a trek. However, I've been playing Beat Saber almost non-stop since I got the Quest 3, and let me tell you… some of these songs are really involved, especially when you play on some of the harder difficulties. It gets to the point where the automatic activity detection on my Android smartwatch thinks I'm going on a walk or run because of how much I'm swinging my arms around.

The best part is that you don't even need a Quest 3 to get in on the action; these apps work on the Quest 2 as well. And with Black Friday practically upon us, there are plenty of Quest 2 deals available or deals on Quest 3 accessories if you wanna get the latest and greatest. However, if you want the best experience, the Quest 3 is probably the one to go with. My colleague Michael Hicks recently wrote about how the Quest 3 is practically tailor-made for fitness, thanks to its next-level mixed reality capabilities, and even after my short time using the Quest 3, I can't help but agree.

Whether it's for you or for a family member or friend, the Quest 3 (and even the Quest 2) is a great buy this holiday season for anyone looking for a way to get a headstart on their New Year's resolution.

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