Best Oculus Quest Games that Give you a Real Workout Android Central 2020

One of the biggest benefits of the Oculus Quest is that it is a physical experience that will get you off of the couch flailing your arms, moving your body back and forth, and get your heart rate pumping during gameplay. Here is a list of the top games that will give you a killer workout in VR.

★ Featured favorite: BOXVR

Choose between multiple degrees of difficulty and VR sessions that can last two minutes or one full hour. The beats come at you fast, so your arms will definitely feel the burn as you continuously punch your way through the levels. To mix it up and get your legs involved, the game will have you changing your leg stance midway through sessions. If you like to track your numbers, the app also counts the calories you've burned.

$30 at Oculus

Hit the dance floor: Dance Central

Staff favorite

This one is just straight-up dancing. Match your body movements with the avatars in the game. The soundtrack will be bumping with some of the best songs you'd hear in any club. Your legs aren't tracked in the game, but that won't stop you from throwing out a kick now and then. It's a lot of cardio that will feel less like a VR workout and more like a night out.

$30 at Oculus

Full on cardio: Beat Saber

All of that slashing, ducking, and moving with your arms will definitely get your heart rate above normal and make you sweat. The lower levels are a great warmup, while the upper levels will challenge you. This one is full-on cardio and arms with some squatting involved.

$30 at Oculus

Tai Chi meets fast paced action: SUPERHOT VR

Time moves when you do. Each level is a puzzle that requires you to move very quickly and sometimes move very slowly. Some parts of the game require you to hold a pose perfectly still to figure out your next move. It's a full-body workout that combines the action of a shooter game with Tai Chi.

$25 at Oculus

Let's get ready to rumble: Creed: Rise to Glory

Throw a jab or a full-on punch. Raise your arms to block or bob and weave to avoid getting hit. If you get knocked down, you need to quickly swing your arms back and forth to get back up. The more you get knocked down, the faster you need to swing your arms to get back up. This game is an arm, body, legs, and full-on cardio experience.

$30 at Oculus

Always on the move: Space Pirate Trainer

This is a fun VR game that resembles the classic arcade game, Galaga and will have you moving, squatting, jumping, bending in many directions throughout the entire game. Since the enemy attacks you from above, your arms are always above your head, giving your shoulders a great workout.

$15 at Oculus

A classic in VR: Fruit Ninja

Slash like crazy to gain some big points and work up an awesome sweat with Fruit Ninja. Your arms and shoulders will feel it as well as your heart. It's a great workout. Are you ready for a post-workout cooldown? There's a zen mode to help you with that.

$15 at Oculus

The Zen of painting: Tilt Brush

We added this one because Tilt Brush can put you into a Zen state-of-mind. Giving your mind a workout is just as important as your body. Raise your arms and move them in all directions to leave streaks of virtual paint, step through your drawings, and relax your brain to stay fit physically and mentally.

$20 at Oculus

Racquetball meets Breakout: Racket NX

Imagine playing racquetball inside of a giant pinball machine and then adding the fun of the classic game, Breakout. The game starts at a slow pace, but as you progress the ball comes at you faster and faster with will get your blood pumpin'. All of the intensity of playing racquetball is here. The harder you hit the ball, the faster it'll ricochet against the wall.

$20 at Oculus

VR exercise workouts show results

Getting a gym worthy workout is absolutely possible through the Oculus Quest, and you don't even have to leave the house to do it. But instead of watching 2D workout videos on YouTube, the Quest can immerse you into a 3D video game where you become part of the experience in ways that will make you forget that you're working out.

Using BOXVR for an hour a day at home, at work, or even at the gym will have you punching, moving, and squatting. Your entire body will feel this one, where your legs and arms will feel the burn, and you rev up your heart rate, increasing your body temperature, and work up a great sweat.

Jake Robinson, a Certified Personal Trainer with a bachelor of science in Exercise Science from Skidmore College who tried BOXVR and VR for the first time, said, "BOXVR is a really awesome workout. It definitely gets your heart rate going, and it's a great way to get people into the gym who normally don't like to go to the gym," Robinson adds, "you could even add 5 pounds wrist and ankle weights to really elevate the experience and give people some resistance."

Dance Central will have you movin' and groovin' to a non-stop virtual dance-off that will give you a full-blown calorie-burning cardio blast that will feel more like an adrenaline-fueled Saturday night with your friends, and less like a dance class at your local gym. Any of the Quest games listed here will put you on track to your fitness goals as long as you stay committed to a regular workout routine and a healthy diet.

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