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With its accurate body tracking, Guardian protection, and light wireless headset, the Oculus Quest 2 may be the best VR headset for fast-paced gameplay. Plenty of the best Oculus Quest 2 games will give you some form of exercise simply by making you stand up and flail your arms around for an hour, but there are a few truly heart-pumping apps for aerobic exercise that'll get you sweating and your muscles burning. Here is a list of the best Oculus Quest 2 workout games that will give you a killer workout in VR —except you'll be too busy having fun to notice.

FitXR gameplay

★ Featured Favorite: FitXR

Originally called BoxVR, this exercise app later added an entire dance workout system at no additional cost. FitXR received a stamp of approval from our resident group fitness instructor as an effective way for both beginners and experts to lose weight. You choose a class ranging from 3 to 25 minutes of various intensity, where you'll either punch, jab, uppercut, and squat your way through shadow boxing routines or follow along to dance routines — all with rock, dance, hip-hop, or electronic music in the background. With various difficulty levels and DLC workout to buy down the line, this has more than enough content to be a daily routine for months that'll get you fit.

$30 at Oculus Store
Supernatural VR Logo

A VR gym with a monthly fee: Supernatural

Staff Favorite

This pick is solely for people who legitimately plan to make the Quest 2 their primary workout tool. Supernatural is a serious exercise app that costs $19/month after the free trial. That cost gets you new daily workouts with fresh licensed music narrated by live coaches that tell you exactly what you should be doing or feeling. The gameplay is very similar to Beat Saber, but with more of a focus on squats, punching speed, arm extension, and other health stats. A regular triathlon athlete argued that Supernatural is worth the subscription cost for an intense workout, and we agree.

Free trial at Oculus Store
Dance Central logo

Hit the dance floor: Dance Central

Unlike dedicated exercise apps, Dance Central is just straight-up dancing, and consequently, it won't feel as intimidating for non-athletes. Match your body movements with the avatars in the game. The 32-song soundtrack features some of the best smash hits and classics you'd hear in any club. Your legs aren't tracked in the game, but that won't stop you from throwing out a kick now and then. It's a lot of cardio that will feel less like a VR workout and more like a night out, especially with the in-game multiplayer lounge where you can challenge friends to dance-offs.

$30 at Oculus Store
Blaston VR Gameplay

Sweaty gun duels: Blaston

Nothing takes you out of your own head better than (virtual) mortal peril. In Blaston, you're mano a mano against another player as you shoot colorful bullets at your opponent while dodging or blocking theirs. Different weapon types will affect your strategy, plus the option to shoot or throw things at attacks to blunt their damage. Rest assured that these duels will tire you out and make you burn calories, but in the moment, your only thoughts will be about taking out your opponents!

$10 at Oculus Store
Beat Saber logo

Full on cardio: Beat Saber VR

If Guitar Hero were a rhythm game with a sword as the instrument, it would be Beat Saber. Slash and dodge cubes to the beat of techno music, or shell out for add-ons from more famous bands like Imagine Dragons and Timbaland. Beginner levels are plenty of fun, but progress to Expert+ and you'll really begin to sweat. Get your daily dose of cardio, squats, and arm workouts while going for high scores and combos. Gamers have reportedly burned billions of calories in Beat Saber, but it's one of the best Oculus Quest 2 workout games because it doesn't feel like a workout.

$30 at Oculus Store
Superhot VR logo

Tai Chi meets fast-paced action: SUPERHOT VR

Time moves when you do. Each level is a puzzle that requires you to move very quickly and sometimes move very slowly to defeat your foes. Some parts of the game require you to hold a pose perfectly still to figure out your next move. It's a full-body workout that combines the action of a shooter game with Tai Chi. With plenty of replayable challenges and endless levels, you'll never lack for bullets to dodge, and you'll be too focused on your objective to notice your burning muscles.

$25 at Oculus Store
Thrill Of The Fight Gameplay

Let's get ready to rumble: The Thrill of the Fight

This simulator introduces you to actual boxing mechanics while giving you a properly sweaty workout. Bob and weave, block blows and throw a variety of punches across multi-round bouts. Its visuals won't impress, but its collection of opponents with unique fighting styles will provide a proper challenge. This game is an arm, body, legs, and full-on cardio experience, and at a very reasonable price compared to many alternative options.

$10 at Oculus Store
Creed: Rise To Glory on Oculus Quest 2

Yo Adrian, I got fit!: Creed: Rise to Glory

Full disclosure, Creed is more of an arcade experience compared to Thrill of the Fight, with a stamina meter that prevents you from just wailing on opponents at your own pace. But it's also a more polished experience with more interesting opponents, making you feel like you're Adonis Creed in your own movie. Plus, there's a fun PvP mode against online opponents where you'll play as or against famous characters from the films. If you need a story to keep you entertained and working out, Creed is a fun alternative option.

$30 at Oculus Store
Space Pirate Trainer logo

Always on the move: Space Pirate Trainer

This is a fun VR game that resembles the classic arcade game, Galaga, and will have you moving, squatting, jumping, and bending in many directions throughout the entire game. Since the enemy attacks you from above, your arms are always above your head, giving your shoulders a great workout. Like SUPERHOT, Space Pirate Trainer also has a slow-motion bullet mechanic that'll have you ducking and weaving around bullets. Try to rise up the leaderboard while lowering your number on the scale.

$15 at Oculus Store
Ohshape VR Gameplay

Strike a pose: OhShape

Power pose your way to a healthier body. Inspired by the Japanese TV show Hole in the Wall, in OhShape you must move your whole body to fit inside a series of rapidly changing holes with fast-paced music egging you on. Jump to dodge some obstacles, punch through others, and squeeze through the rest in a variety of challenging stances that strain your whole body. It has 32 official workouts with 4 difficulty levels; plus, the level editor lets you play other people's custom sets or create your own with officially supported custom songs.

$20 at Oculus Store
Racket: NX logo

Racquetball meets Breakout: Racket: Nx

Imagine playing racquetball inside of a giant pinball machine and then adding the fun of the classic game, Breakout. The game starts at a slow pace, but as you progress, the ball moves faster and faster; the harder you hit the ball, the faster it'll ricochet back your direction. The 360º arena forces you to keep spinning in search of the ball, and you'll need both arm strength and precision to get a high score. All of the sweat-inducing intensity of playing racquetball is here.

$20 at Oculus Store
Synth Riders Oculus Quest

Dance party in cyberspace: Synth Riders

This Beat Saber-lookalike avoids the more famous game's wrist-jerking gameplay in favor of more natural moves that'll still get your heart rate up. You must move your hands to match up with the lighted indicators, bobbing and weaving to keep up and dodge obstacles. It has over 50 licensed electronica songs and weekend multiplayer dance parties that can be genuinely fun. Synth Riders is another rhythm game that'll have you too focused on mastering the beat to notice how hard you're working.

$25 at Oculus Store
Fruit Ninja VR logo

A classic in VR: Fruit Ninja

Slash like crazy to gain some big points and work up an awesome sweat with Fruit Ninja. Your arms and shoulders will feel it as well as your heart. It's a great workout. Are you ready for a post-workout cooldown? There's a zen mode to help you with that.

$15 at Oculus Store

VR exercise workouts show results

A man shadow boxes while wearing an Oculus Quest headsetSource: Android Central

The problem with exercise videos at home is that no one is there to judge you if you pause or stop altogether; plus, it's hard to rev yourself up into working hard in the place where you like to mentally relax. That's why getting a gym-worthy workout with the Oculus Quest 2 can be so effective: It transports you to a new place where moving your body fast feels natural and immerses you in flashing lights and bass-heavy music that makes you forget that your body is going through something unpleasant.

Any of the best Oculus Quest 2 workout games can help you lose weight if you make it a routine. So your job is to figure out which game fits your personality. If you're someone that hates the gym but loves sports, then you'll want to try a game like Beat Saber or Synth Riders that is good for your body but isn't explicitly a workout. On the other hand, if you're someone that wants to push themselves hard, the fact is that only apps like FitXR or Supernatural are specifically designed to push your full body to the limit, and won't let you take a break after just one song.

Whichever games you choose, hold off on starting up a VR exercise routine until you've invested in some of the best Quest 2 workout accessories: These will help keep your headset from becoming a sweat- and bacteria-filled mess, help you avoid injuries, and even make your VR workouts that much harder.

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