Oculus Move fitness stats will sync to Apple Health and mobile app in April

Oculus Move
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What you need to know

  • Oculus Move is a virtual reality fitness app available on Quest headsets that tracks active time spent, calories burned, and other stats during any game or app in VR.
  • Starting next month, users will be able to sync their fitness data from Move to the Apple Health app or the Oculus app for iOS and Android.
  • Meta is exploring integrations with additional fitness tracking services for the future.

Oculus Move, the VR fitness tracking app only available on Quest and Quest 2, will soon let users see their fitness stats and goals elsewhere without requiring to put on the headset each time, Meta announced today. 

The Move app tracks stats such as progress towards goals, total calories burned, or how many minutes you have spent working out in VR across various apps and games. Unfortunately, it required wearing the Quest 2 headset as the only way to view post-workout results anytime. While an update last year made it easier to share results on Facebook, donning the VR headset to check personal goals is not the most efficient method of staying on top of your progress.

Meta announced that starting next month, users will be able to sync their fitness data to the Oculus mobile app or the Apple Health app to check Move stats outside of VR. The Oculus app is available on Android and iOS, and will sync workout stats alongside any goals set within Oculus Move.

Meanwhile, anyone with an iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch can choose to sync with Apple Health to automatically track their workouts without having to manually file all of the information. The stats will also sit alongside all non-VR exercise recorded from the Apple Health app, which is convenient for those that work out and want all of their information in one place.

Meta said syncing to mobile apps will be completely opt-in, and all fitness data synced to the Oculus app will be stored on their servers and protected with end-to-end encryption. The data will also not affect any ads seen on other Meta services.

The company also said it is exploring the Move app integrating with other fitness tracking services in the future, but did not reveal more details about it. Until then, check out some of the best Quest 2 workout accessories to upgrade your exercise sessions in VR.

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