Samsung's Fortnite map lets you run around a Galaxy S23-themed city

A large Samsung Galaxy S22 in Fortnite.
(Image credit: Samsung)

What you need to know

  • Samsung creates its own Fortnite island to showcase its Galaxy S23 series.
  • Players can use the tools that phones provide like improved camera zooming for finding secrets and the Nightography mode for seeing in the dark.
  • There is also a Samsung store on the custom built island to check out the entire S23 series and other products.

Samsung is extending its reach once again into a popular video game and this time it's bringing the latest smartphone with it.

Users in Fortnite can now run around Samsung's unique island as detailed in its press release. This new island is primarily focused on showing off the Korean OEM's latest Galaxy S23 series — alongside some exciting features the phone contains.

A couple of the Galaxy S23 series' camera features have been added as a fun tool to help users find Samsung easter eggs scattered around the map. The first involves the camera zoom capability of the series, which Samsung says can help players keep their vision sharp even at longer distances when scouting for goodies.

Players will also have the Nightography button to help search for hidden secrets. When the lights go out, the night mode feature offers a "new dynamic to the game," along with Samsung Knox for added protection from danger for the player.

Samsung's island also offers the "Fun Game Quest," a new hide-and-seek game mode where users must find a Galaxy S23 Ultra and keep it in their possession until the end of the round. Additionally, once it's time to relax, players can walk over to the Samsung store on the island and check out the S23 series in full, along with gaming monitors, smart TVs, and more.

Samsung is also looking to bring some awareness to its "Galaxy for the Planet" initiative, which speaks to the company's efforts in sustainability and using recycled material for its devices. The Galaxy S23 series is made up of more recycled materials than previous generations, with 20% recycled ocean-bound plastic, 80% PET, and 22% recycled glass (for the display).

You can enjoy Samsung's latest Fortnite island on your PC, console, or Android phone by opening the game and clicking/tapping Change game mode > Island Code > 8526-6648-9508.

On another note, Fortnite's next major update, Chapter 4 Season 2: MEGA, will begin March 10.

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