There's only one gaming controller I'll buy on Black Friday

A GameSir X2 controller in its carrying case with a Motorola Edge Plus (2023) inside the carrying pouch
(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

I've used a lot of mobile gaming controllers over the years, but there's only one controller I keep going back to. Thankfully, for you, the GameSir X2 is 20% off for Black Friday, so you can enjoy the best mobile gaming controller as much as I do!

The GameSir X2's Nintendo Switch-like design is better than a Switch for a few important reasons, and that's also what makes it the best mobile controller you can buy this year.

First, and foremost, are the joysticks. These aren't those crappy short Switch or Razer Kishi V2 joysticks that make it difficult to precisely move and aim in games. These are nice, tall joysticks with ample padding for your thumbs and they're incredibly easy to slightly tilt for those micro-alignments you need in games like Fortnite, Call of Duty Warzone, and any other game that needs precise movement to be your best.

GameSir X2 USB-C: $49.99$39.99 at Amazon

GameSir X2 USB-C: $49.99 $39.99 at Amazon

Get the controller with no input lag, real joysticks, grippy rubberized sides, a proper D-Pad, and four triggers that are easy to press, all for 20% off on Black Friday!

But it's not just the joysticks that make this controller better than the rest. GameSir uses a unique flexible USB-C port and spring-loaded design that fits even the best foldable phones like the extra-large Galaxy Z Fold 5. Many other controllers don't have these combined features and end up being much more size-restrictive.

That USB-C port is also on the left, which means those large foldable protrude above the controller instead of below as they do on controllers with a USB-C port on the right. You can also get the GameSir X2 Bluetooth version for $3 more and not worry about the port, as well.

I also love the digital triggers on this controller. Some games, like Minecraft, don't play nicely with analog-style triggers. There's little more annoying in Minecraft than placing two or three blocks when you only wanted to place one just because your controller doesn't work like it should. You won't have that issue with the GameSir X2.

And while an analog-style trigger might feel more "accurate" in a shooting game like Fortnite or Call of Duty Warzone, the reality is that the additional push required with these triggers means it takes longer to shoot in the game. I've lost a firefight more than once because of this problem on other controllers.

GameSir X2 Pro with the face buttons removed and lying next to it

(Image credit: Jennifer Locke / Android Central)

All of the GameSir X2 models have lovely, clicky buttons, but if you upgrade to a GameSir X2 Pro you can swap out the buttons for other letters or shapes that better fit your preference. Even the joystick pads can be swapped out with concave or convex pads for those that prefer one over the other.

And, lastly, the rubberized grips on the back deliver that important grippiness required when gaming for long periods of time. Some controllers are smooth or textured plastic all the way around, but these rubberized grips feel a lot better and are softer than plastic, making them more comfortable over the long term.

GameSir's controllers even come with a fantastic carrying case for all your accessories, and you might even be able to fit a dedicated gaming phone inside, depending on the size of the model.

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