Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 gets a big update, but Google Assistant is still months away

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Hands On
Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Hands On (Image credit: Android Central)

(Feb 8, 11:45 a.m. ET) Updated to include more information about Google Assistant and YouTube Music updates.

What you need to know

  • Samsung is pushing out a new update to the Galaxy Watch 4 soon with new watch faces and an improved setup experience.
  • Updated health features include more comprehensive body composition insights and a sleep coaching program.
  • Features coming soon include Google Assistant and Wi-Fi or LTE streaming for the YouTube Music app.

Samsung is announcing (opens in new tab) a new update for the Galaxy Watch 4, giving owners new health features, watch faces, and an improved setup process. Plus, Samsung provides an update on the availability of Google Assistant, which it teased following the watch's launch.

With this new update, Samsung is partnering with Chris Hemsworth's Centr fitness program to provide deeper insights into one's body composition. These insights will be available in the Samsung Health app and powered by Centr, while Samsung is also giving users a free 30-day trial to the full Centr app. Additionally, the Galaxy Watch 4 is receiving new interval target training which is ideal for runners and cyclists.

Samsung is also promoting better sleep with a new sleep coaching program that will rate your sleep over the course of a week and assign you with a sleep symbol animal based on your patterns. From there, the app will coach you on ways to improve your sleeping habits, and your Galaxy Watch 4 will be able to automatically turn off SmartThings-controlled lights if it detects you've fallen asleep.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Sleep Symbol Animals

Source: Samsung (Image credit: Source: Samsung)

Samsung is also launching new watch faces and watch bands so owners can gain new ways to customize their watches. The bands will be available for purchase in late February.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 New Watch Straps

Source: Samsung (Image credit: Source: Samsung)

When it comes to setting up your new Galaxy Watch 4, Samsung is streamlining the process a bit by allowing you to select which apps to install, similar to the setup process on many of the best Android phones.

However, the most exciting news is that soon, Galaxy Watch 4 owners will be able to download Google Assistant from the Play Store. According to Google, this will incorporate a new design akin to how it appears on smartphones, and should provide faster responses. This is good news for those that prefer Google's virtual assistant over Bixby. Samsung teased its availability following the Galaxy Watch 4 launch, but months later, we still have yet to see it. However, Samsung says that it will be available "in the coming months," so we will have to wait a bit longer.

Lastly, another update arriving soon will allow users on Wear OS 2 and Wear OS 3 to stream YouTube Music over Wi-Fi and LTE. Currently, the Wear OS app can only stream content that has been downloaded for offline listening, so this should give anyone on the best Wear OS watches a bit more flexibility when leaving their phones at home.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Google Assistant (Image credit: Google)

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Youtube Music Lte Wifi (Image credit: Google)

Source: Google

Galaxy Watch 4 owners will receive the health-focused new software update on February 9, the same day as the Galaxy Unpacked event.

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  • Hmm. But still no Blood pressure functionality for the US without me having to hack it onto my device? Still no better watch face compatibly? Still no optimization improvement for the sake of battery life?
  • I see someone's busy copypasting FUD.
  • How is that FUD, exactly?
  • But you do have Google Talk and the modern Google Pay. So its not all bad ;). Google Talk is USA only and here in The UK we're still stuck on the old Google Pay.
  • Can we have the lock screen and app drawer from tizen back, please?
  • I never saw this coming. I BET you won't be able to map the Bixby button to open Google Assistant instead though.
  • I would never use Google Assistant on my watch. The reason I bought it is because there is a perfectly acceptable alternate that doesn't feed the Ad war-machine of Google. I would like a battery life improvement on the watch 4. The watch can NOT make it through a single day with always on screen enabled. Maybe 70% of the day, but that won't cut it. It's incredible how long the watch lasts with raise to wake on, so there has to be middle ground they can offer.
  • I don't have the Always-On feature activated and mine still only BARELY makes it through the day. I don't have the LTE version, either.
  • Unfortunately, not a lot of substance for those of us who have a Watch 4 for reasons that don't involve health/fitness. I generally sleep 4 hours each night (by choice...sleep is more of an annoyance to me...a necessary evil), so I disabled all the sleep stuff on the watch. I don't have a workout routine, but I do choreography when I'm working on a show and I get a ton of exercise when I'm scuba diving or teaching diving. I don't feel the need to do more than that. I wanted a smartwatch for the convenience of not having to always pull out the phone. But I've found that there's not a lot the smartwatch can actually do in that regard. Nobody does assistants correctly, so that feature is basically hobbled. But, for those who are fitbit-minded, I'm sure having a more responsive health monitor/measuring feature set is very welcome.