Galaxy S7 and S7 edge launch: Everything you need to know

As is the case with any major phone launch, there's a whole heck of a lot to take in when it comes to the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. First, you'll want to kick things off with our hands-on time and first impressions of the phones, and follow that up with our special edition podcast!

When you're ready to take in even more Galaxy S7 and S7 edge info, we have it all listed here for you.

The basics

So here are the basics. The Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge are here. They have the latest specs and features from Samsung and they go on sale at the same time — pre-orders start Feb. 24 and sales start Mar. 11. Here are the details:

  • Samsung unveils the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge: Refined design, new 12MP camera and waterproofing
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge specs
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge: In pictures
  • Galaxy S7 pre-orders start Feb. 23, in-store sales commence Mar. 11
  • Galaxy S7 buyers are getting a free Gear VR and six games

The features

Getting into more detail, these are some of the big stories surrounding the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. The phones will only come with 32GB of storage, but they also have an SD card slot to add 200GB more. The camera has been improved notably, and they're rated as IP68 waterproof as well. And oh, so much more:

The comparisons

It's natural every time a new phone comes out to compare it to the latest models from all of the manufacturers, and we've done a few right from the start to give you a better feel for these phones.

The extras

And the information just keeps on coming. Check out some of our additional coverage of the phones!

  • The Galaxy S7 and S7 edge have an always-on display
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 lets you turn fast charging off, if you want
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 includes Microsoft's suite of productivity apps
  • Galaxy S7 dialer integrates Whitepages database to identify callers, prevent scam calls
  • Galaxy S7 'Car Mode' integrates with Glympse for seamless location sharing to contacts
  • Galaxy S7 versus LG G5 — who won MWC?

The accessories

And you can't have a phone launch nowadays without a bunch of accessories to go along with it, and Samsung has gotten pretty good at launching some top-notch (albeit usually expensive) stuff. We have cases, chargers and all sorts of stuff here:

  • Samsung's new Gear 360 camera lets you capture 360° video anywhere, edit it right on your GS7
  • This is the Galaxy S7 edge S-View Flip Cover
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 launch sees a new angled wireless fast charger
  • This Galaxy S7 case from Samsung offers swappable camera lenses
  • Samsung's Galaxy S7 battery case uses Qi wireless charging to keep your phone powered up

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Andrew Martonik

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  • What I need to know is will it work with Project Fi. Either device Posted via the Android Central App
  • it will not
  • Citation for your certainty? Posted via the Android Central App
  • Yeah, it's not a nexus
  • Maybe you havent heard, Samsung tablets are officially supported on FI so there is hope
  • For data only on T-Mobile. You can use a Fi SIM in other devices, but it will only work on T-Mobile, not Sprint as only the Nexus devices have the software required to make the transition between networks work.
  • It is a start though so it is not impossible.
  • official but it's not listed on their website?
    seems legit.
  • Oh look, it is listed
  • Amir do you always talk out of your ass without doing research?
  • yes
  • it is noticable
  • I try.
    Is Fi the latest thing you're getting paid to promote?
  • Yes, all these companies pay me to give my opinon to numb skulls such as yourself. that's it exactly
  • I want your job.
  • Well alright then :) At least he is honest.
  • Probably not.
  • I am sure they won't but I was making a play off the article title Posted via the Android Central App
  • the article doesn't mention anything about nexus, project fi, or anything else like that.
  • Yes, but the article promised to tell us EVERYTHING we might need to know. He found something it didn't mention. Subtle. I like it.
  • It'll work on Verizon. That's everything you need to know... Posted via the Android Central App
  • Sorry for my ignorance, but what does Fi get you besides a good price? I already have Wifi calling on my Sprint Note 4.
  • Combining the two (Sprint and Tmo) gives me Verizon like coverage for that good pricing.
  • any idea if the device will be available unlocked directly from Samsung? I hate the next 24 plan on att..more importantly the bloatware.. thanks! AC@OPO
  • Then don't do it? Buy the device on Next, pay it off as soon as it bills, and after the 14-day return window passes, go to and you're done.
  • but that still wouldn't resolve the bloatware issue.. Actually that's the bigger gripe for me personally. AC@OPO
  • Plus, folks who want an unlocked phone do not want to nor should they have to do all of this!
  • and those folks can follow the lead of all the other folks and buy unlocked phones from Amazon.
  • If you buy an unlocked S7 or G5 from Amazon that works on a US Carrier, it doesn't come preloaded with all the carrier crapware? I don't mind (as much) the OEM bloat, I just HATE that the carriers think I want ANYTHING they have to offer in apps (other than the pay my bill one).
  • *bloatware Android Central App | S5 G900A kitkat root
  • Any word if they are using a radio that can support all North American carriers (or at least America, heh)? Or are the carrier versions going to have separate radios?
  • So... no IR blaster? How about the mobeam technology? What ever happen to that Samsung Upgrade Program I keep reading few months ago (similar to Apple Upgrade Program).
  • Samsung removed the IR blaster this year so they can add it back to the S8 and call it innovation. ;-)
  • Lol Posted via the Android Central App
  • So true. Posted via the Android Central App
  • +1 Posted via the Android Central App using my LG G4
  • Mobeam uses the proximity sensor Posted via the Android Central App
  • Not everything. How quickly will Samsung release security updates? How long will Samsung continue to provide Android version updates?
  • When releasing in American carries? You listed Canada and Europe but not American carriers. Posted via the Android Central App
  • March 11th... They said so already...
  • Is it weird that I'm only interested in this because I'm assuming the Nexus 6p will have a price drop sometime in the near future now.? Looks like a great phone but w/those specs has to be priced crazy high for an unlocked version.
  • At the start of this article it says pre-orders start on Feb 24th, however I have already pre-ordered mine direct from Samsung so this is wrong. (Uk in case this makes any difference)
  • All I want to know is the finger print sensor tap to wake and unlock now? Like the Nexus 6P. Because if I have to turn on the display first then unlock it, then that's kind of a con. But who am I kidding? I'm coming from a Note 4 so this will definitely be my next phone.
  • When you press the home button, your finger is already on the sensor. Posted via Nexus 6P
  • Not if you use the actual power/sleep button Lam I Am
  • Ugh.. I mean does it INSTANTLY unlock and wake with the finger print scanner? Like the iPhone or the Nexus 6P. Or do I have to tap the home button or power button then hold the hold button to unlock it.
  • it's automatic.
  • Yes! Thank you! Because that comment couldn't be interpreted either way. But seriously. Thank you.
  • It didn't work that way on my Note 5. I had to press the home button, lift my finger, then place it down again as it rarely read it correctly otherwise.
  • Did you try re-inputting your fingerprints? Never have this issue on my Note 5. In fact, just pulled it out of my pocket now and tried it a few times, always got it the first time in no more than a second.
  • ^^^ did the exact same thing on my edge plus. I think he needs to input his fingers again Posted via the Android Central App
  • While Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge support the Always On Display, but they don't support the favorite Double Tap to Wake feature. As an alternative, you can enable/disable wave to wake up on Galaxy S7 (Edge) to turn on the screen by just moving your hand above the specific sensor, by do doing as follows: 1. Open the Settings application and go to the Accessibility settings
    2. Tap to open the Dexterity and Interaction settings
    3. Touch the Easy Screen Turn On option and make sure it is toggled ON. (If you want to disable the Wave to Turn On Screen feature on Galaxy S7, make sure to toggle it OFF)
  • Any idea on price? Posted via the Android Central App
  • Does 2nd mortgage come to mind? Lol Posted via the Android Central App
  • $695 on AT&T for S7 Posted via the Android Central App
  • From another site: "In the US, AT&T has announced the prices of the handsets along with the release date. The 32GB Samsung Galaxy S7 will start at $23.17 per month for the 30-month Next 24 plan. The 32GB Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge on the other hand, will start at $26.50 per month under the same plan. Added up, that comes to $695 (roughly Rs. 47,655) and $795 (roughly Rs. 54,500) respectively."
  • Verizon's S7 Edge is $792.00 US My soon to be replaced BlackBerry Z30
  • Actually The price will be about 556 which over a 100 cheaper then last year Posted via the Android Central App
  • It might be $556 this time next year before the S8 debuts. lol The US carriers have listed prices between $680-$799 dependind on version and carrier. That is NOT cheaper than last year.
  • See my comment above. Also from that site: "T-Mobile will be offering the Galaxy S7 and the Galaxy S7 Edge at $27.91 per month and $32.50 per month for its basic 24-month plan. Added up, that comes to $670 (roughly Rs. 46,000) and $780 (roughly Rs. 53,500) respectively. Sprint will be offering the flat screen version at $27.09 per month, while the curved screen model will be available at $31.25 per month."
  • Lack of removable battery means I'm still stuck with my S5. Sorry, Samsung... you have lost your way and are too-addicted to the anti-consumer design of Apple and their iPhones. I appreciate the return of the MicroSD... one of the original other critical and distinguishing feature-benefits of Samsung over Apple, but it's just not enough.
  • Stuck with your S5, make it sounds like that's a bad thing ;) Android Central App | S5 G900A kitkat root
  • You might be stuck with that S5 for a looooong time. I don't see removable batteries making a comeback. Posted via the Android Central App
  • This! Unless he wants to go to LG. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Which is unfortunate, as removable batteries were a standard feature in all phones for decades before Apple brainwashed people into accepting non-removable batteries as being ok.
  • At least with iPhone you can replace the battery fairly easily. Posted via the Android Central App
  • Doesn't help one any when you're out in the field/on-the-go and need a fresh battery. I can swap the battery in my S5 in under 10 seconds with no tools.
  • If you lose or break the S5 then I suppose you'll consider the LG G5 since it's battery is removeable though the S7 is ahead of the LG G5 on most specs. There is no one perfect smartphone, c'est la vie.
  • Likely if something happens to my S5 I'll just replace it with another S5 from eBay. This is what I did a few times with my S2 until a viable replacement (the S5) came out.
  • This is the most annoying post I see on every recent Samsung product release. If these products were "anti-consumer", which by the way is an incredibly ignorant statement, they would not sell. Plain and simple. Instead, they are the best-selling phones Samsung has ever made. Do I have to tell you what other manufacturer makes phones without removable batteries, since 1st gen, and still sells more phones than anyone on the planet? Your a niche, please understand that and get used to it. Design + functionality is the key.
  • If you have been convinced by the manufacturers that you can't have design, functionality AND a removable battery AND a MicroSD slot then you have been suckered fully in exactly the way they wanted. These are quite talented manufacturers fully capable of designing a phone that is all of the above... but then they couldn't pressure you into just replacing your entire phone when the battery gets weak. My S5 is all those things, and is nowhere near "thick". In fact, in typical iPhone/MacBook style, everyone was thrilled about how amazingly thin it was and no one was unhappy... until they made something 0.1mm thinner then convinced everyone that anything even a credit-card thicker was OMGTHICK and horrible. They could've changed the back to metal (maybe had it attach in the same way as the original Galaxy phone's metal back did), made it shiny... they could've done all sorts of things and made EVERYONE happy. But they chose not to, because they can make more money that way. And just because the majority of consumers are too stupid to realize they're being screwed over doesn't make the actions of the company any more anti-consumer. You will never convince any intelligent person that a non-removable battery is ever at all in the consumer's best-interest unless you buy into the marketing lie that the manufacturer "had to make it non-removable to satisfy consumer desires for THINNER THINNER THINNER!!!!" which has been proven to be utter BS. Removable batteries mean more longevity for the phone, more use away from charging sources, and better e-waste recycleability and environmentally-friendly.
  • Oh so you're one of those people who think the majority of the world are morons who have no idea what they want. You of course on the other hand, are enlightened. The REALITY is, people still use iPhones from 3 years ago, or use Galaxy S4s with the battery that came with the phone, and they still work fine! BATTERIES DON'T DIE AFTER A YEAR. No one is being "forced" to buy a new phone. People WANT to buy new things, phones, cars, whatever, that's human nature. You think there's some conspiracy by Samsung and Apple? Well yes, and it is to create products people WANT and they are doing better than ever!
  • "BATTERIES DON'T DIE AFTER A YEAR" Who said they did? However, li-ion/li-poly batteries can only survive so many charge cycles... about 300-500... before they die. Well before that, the full-charge capacity (FCC) diminishes and after only a year or 2 will normally be well below 80%... 50% is not uncommon, and I've seen plenty that were flat-out dead by 2 years. So even though they aren't "dead", you're not getting anywhere near as much runtime off a full charge as you were used to when you first bought the device. But hey, yell at me with more caps and exclamation points if it makes you feel better and you really think it convinces readers of your side of the argument. But after you've calmed down, you might want to educate yourself a bit about technology and battery chemistry.
  • LOL I was speaking your language man: "...functionality AND a removable battery AND a MicroSD slot" "...anything even a credit-card thicker was OMGTHICK and horrible." "...could've done all sorts of things and made EVERYONE happy." Yes, caps are fun aren't they?
  • And I have to point out your naivety with the statement that they could have made EVERYONE happy. That is literally impossible.
  • "... but then they couldn't pressure you into just replacing your entire phone when the battery gets weak." This is a pretty solid argument. I mean intentional or not, you have to wonder how many average consumers say (after the fixed battery dies), "well, I kind of wanted a new phone anyway...". Think of the products you own that have replaceable batteries. How old is your flashlight for example? It is quite possible that fixed battery issues have little to do with driving sales of newer devices but I can certainly see OEMs using it as another tool along with new features to help.
  • The battery can be replaced by a service technician. Probably not much more than buying a spare battery and charger. Swappable batteries are no longer necessary. I have a Note 5, and haven't had to use a car charger since I got it. Used to have to charge my previous phones on the go. The S7 should be even better than the Note 5 for battery life, so I wouldn't even worry about it. Personally don't miss the SD card, either.
  • That's y I still use my galaxy s3 if for the removable battery. Posted via the Android Central App
  • S6 active still better. IR blaster, water proof, 3500mah battery. Posted via the Android Central App
  • With US models only having 32GB options, I would love to see a screenshot of available memory out of the box. How much of the 32GB is eaten up by system apps and resources? Also curious - on the silver and gold models, is the glare from the reflective surface pose a distraction? I'm not a big fan of the black version; but the glare appears to be less in photos of the devices, and the white version doesn't appear to be an option for US carriers.
  • Question: Depending on the site, I see the S7 as having either a quad-core 820 or an octa-core 820. Which is it? I know the original 820 was quad-core, but I also read Qualcomm was going to deliver an octa-core, too.
  • Never mind. It's quad-core.
  • Okay, so if you had to choose between the regular and edge solely based on drops (for those clumsy people our there) would you still get the edge and if so which case's would you recommend?
  • So if I get an unlocked one from Amazon, will that work in my region (Australia)?
  • Pre-ordered the S7 Edge today from Verizon who is offering the Gear S2 or Gear VR when you pre-order. Delivery date is
    March 11th. My soon to be replaced BlackBerry Z30
  • Well bringing back some sort of waterproof and the SD card is great..looks like Sammy made them all 32GB and saves inventory of extra skus. Will miss usb3.0 the only port Ive used that didn't get sloppy after a year of using . Speaking of the S5 ..its quad core was clocked around 2.5GHz ..think the 820 is also a quad core and tops out at 2.2GHz. So maybe my upgrade will be kept unused as free insurance ..or maybe will wait for Black Friday/Thanksgiving goodness this time around Kenny
  • Samsung supporting sit
  • I always think I would like one of the new Galaxy devices and then I remember 1) No Knock-on like G3 and G4 and 2) Hardware home button. Those are the real deal breakers. I'm sure the S7 is a VERY nice phone but in my usage habits, I've just grown too attached to tapping my screen to wake it up and using a gentle touch to launch my home screen.
  • Knock-on is nice. My Note 4 has it but that's because I'm using a custom kernel. As for the S7, I'm not sure how well knock-on would work with a fingerprint scanner and an always-on screen, though.
  • It all depends if the always on screen is somewhat like a lock screen. I use smartlock on my G4. When connected to my car via Bluetooth or at home (location/gps) the screen won't lock unless there are four hours of inactivity. So even when the screen is black, I can usually just double tap to wake. Maybe waking or unlocking the S7 will be easy but I'll still have to hard press that physical home key. I have a Galaxy Tab so I have some experience with it. I don't like. Not compared to using a light a touch on capacitive keys.
  • I know everything I need to know. I can't afford it.
  • Do I like the new galaxy phones. However other phones are nice too. Think I will wait when all new high end phones are out and see what I am gonna do
  • Do you need to wake up the phone to unlock it using fingerprint?