The Galaxy S20 will be released on March 6

Samsung Galaxy S20 render
Samsung Galaxy S20 render (Image credit: 91Mobiles)

What you need to know

  • Galaxy S20 preorders will be delivered on March 6.
  • That's according to a new registration page on Samsung's website that refers to the "new Galaxy phone."
  • Samsung is set to debut the S20 series, as well as a clamshell foldable, on February 11.

They may be slightly more expensive than you'd like, but Samsung's Galaxy S20 series is closer to launch than ever. And, now, you can register to be notified to preorder the phone. Is it just me or are phone sales now more and more like movie trailers, with a flurry of teasers and trailers foreshadowing the actual trailer?

Anyways, the big news here is that we now have official confirmation from Samsung itself that preordered Galaxy S20s will start reaching their proud new owners on March 6. That's courtesy of a "cryptic" new registration page referring to the "new Galaxy phone."

With phrases like "Be the first to experience a new era of Galaxy" and "Change the shape of the future," it's filled with the kind of marketing speak that makes you wonder whether it's you or the writer that doesn't know English.

It's not just vague platitudes, though. The page also lets you choose which carrier you'd like to buy the phone from. And there's an option to go it solo and buy an unlocked model, as well.

Do note, though, that registering on the page is not the same as a preorder. You're only asking to be notified as soon as preorders go live, so you can have a headstart in purchasing the phone and hopefully make it before supplies run out. Also, clicking on the register button is tacit approval for receiving promotional emails from Samsung, so do be wary of that before clicking the button.

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