Samsung Unpacked 2020 is official: Galaxy S11/S20 launching February 11

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked invitation
Samsung Galaxy Unpacked invitation (Image credit: Samsung)

Just as we expected given the rumors, Samsung is going to hold its next major Unpacked event on February 11 in San Francisco. Whether they call their next flagship lineup the Galaxy S11 or Galaxy S20 doesn't make much of a difference; we're going to see the latest and greatest it has to offer.

The question remains how Samsung plans to handle the Galaxy Fold's history in this announcement.

The event is landing over a week earlier than last year, which will give it a little more breathing room ahead of the mobile-heavy MWC trade show happening in Barcelona the last week of February. But no matter what, Samsung is guaranteed to dominate the news cycle of the following weeks as it rolls out pre-orders and hits stores.

An interesting wrinkle that has yet to be explored much is whether Samsung also decides to go ahead with rumored plans to announce its next Galaxy Fold at the same event. Obviously Samsung's short history with foldables puts it in a much different position this year than the same time last year, where the Galaxy Fold was a seriously intriguing unveil. Bringing out a new foldable with a different form factor could lift the entire event, or drag down the announcement of the ultimately much-more-important Galaxy S11/S20.

Andrew Martonik

Andrew was an Executive Editor, U.S. at Android Central between 2012 and 2020.