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This flash sale from Best Buy drops the Lenovo Chromebook Duet to an unmissable price

Kolaches for scale
Kolaches for scale (Image credit: Ara Wagoner / Android Central)

Chromebooks have been popular for years now as affordable and capable productivity devices. During this pandemic year, when more and more people are working and studying from home, they've been a little tough to come by. So when we see great deals on some of our favorite Chromebooks, we just have to let you know about them! This week, Best Buy discounted several of our favorite Chromebooks, and today it put my favorite device of the year, the Lenovo Chromebook Duet, on sale for its lowest price ever.

The Lenovo Chromebook Duet is the perfect device for surfing the web while on the couch, but it's also great as a secondary machine to take with you to a coffee shop or on a weekend trip. It comes with its own detachable keyboard that has a surprisingly good, if compact, layout, along with a really good trackpad. Add to that the magnetic back cover with a kickstand, and you've got all you need to go from play mode to work mode — no additional expenses required!

This sale applies to the 128GB model, which is the one that my colleague and Chromebook expert Ara Wagoner recommends. Since the Chromebook Duet only has one USB-C port and no microSD expansion for storage, you're going to want this model over the 64GB version if you're someone who likes to download a lot of games, movies, or other media.

Even at its full retail price of $299, this device is a bargain, but at $229, it's a downright steal. We've only seen it hit this low a few times since it was released, and those times tended to be during massive sale events like Amazon's Prime Day, Back Friday, or Cyber Monday. Heck, I even bemoaned missing these deals earlier in the year, and made myself jump on a deal just a few weeks ago from Lenovo's website that wasn't this good. Do yourself a favor and grab this great Chromebook now. Please don't make the mistake I did!

Jeramy Johnson
Jeramy Johnson

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