Find the perfect position for your phone with these Anker wireless chargers on sale for $23

Anker Power Wave Bundle
Anker Power Wave Bundle

This bundle that includes the Anker PowerWave wireless charging stand and PowerWave pad is down to $22.99 on Amazon. This combo has been selling for around $30 for most of the year, so you're definitely getting a great big chunk off the price. It's already affordable, so a price drop just makes it even more so.

These devices do not come with wall adapters, though. If you want to plug into a wall outlet, you'll want to get something like Anker's Quick Charge 3.0 wall adapter for $15.99. It's got all the power you need to ensure you're getting the fastest possible charge no matter what phone you use.

Bundle includes the PowerWave stand and PowerWave pad, both designed to work with the iPhone, Android phones, or another Qi-certified device. Provides power up to 10W or 7.5W for the iPhone. Can charge through cases. Covered by 18-month warranty.

With two wireless chargers, that means you can place them in multiple spots so you have them whenever you need them. Need your phone elevated to keep an eye on the screen while you work? Take the PowerWave stand to the office. Want to hide the screen while you sleep and let it charge over night? Use the pad on your nightstand at home. They don't have to stay together or anything like that to fully function.

Both devices support any Qi-enabled device. That includes the iPhone and Android phones. You can also use them to charge things like true wireless earbuds' charging cases or your smartwatch as long as they also support Qi wireless charging. You can get up to 10W using a Samsung Galaxy smartphone and 7.5W on the iPhone. That's plenty of power and much faster than other brands.

You should still be able to charge your phone even if you're using a case on it. It can work through anything rubber, plastic, or TPU that's up to 5mm thick. You don't want to put anything magnetic or metal between the charger and your phone, though.

Anker backs up the PowerWave chargers with an 18-month warranty.

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