The TP-Link Deco M5 whole home mesh networking system comes in a three-pack on sale for $151.99. This is right around the lowest price we've seen this year on the whole home Wi-Fi system. The Deco M5 sells for around $170 regularly and you can still find it going for that price at other places like Amazon. The B&H deal is limited to just one set per customer, and the shipping may be delayed by a couple of days. Other than that though, this is a great deal if you're looking for a way to get Wi-Fi throughout your home.

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TP-Link Deco M5 AC1300 MU-MIMO whole home mesh networking system 3-pack

Can cover homes up to 5,500 square feet. Keeps over 100 devices connected at once. Provides seamless roaming around your house. Includes password protection and antivirus for ultimate safety. Comes with 2-year warranty.

$151.99 $170.00 $18 off

The Deco M5 replaces your Wi-Fi router and any other devices you've been using to make up for dead zones like range extenders. A mesh networking system like this is so much better than a range extender, too, because it offers you a seamless wireless experience. You won't even notice when your mobile device is switching from one node to the next as you move through your home.

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The three pieces of the system can cover up to 5,500 square feet of home and keep up to 100 devices connected at once. It offers a strong, stable wireless signal. And TP-Link HomeCare helps keep it all super secure. The adaptive routing technology will choose the best possible path for your device so the network is always running smooth and you're always getting the fastest possible speeds.

Each unit in the system has dual Gigabit Ethernet ports as well. When you place these, you'll want to try and get close to your electronics so you can actually go wired with some of them for an even more stable connection.

The TP-Link Deco app gives you simple, on-screen instructions you can use to get the system up and running as soon as possible.

TP-Link backs this up with a two-year warranty. You'll also get three years of TP-Link HomeCare for free.

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