Facebook holding Android event on April 4

Facebook is holding some sort of Android related event next Thursday in Menlo Park and has sent out a slew of press invites. Nobody is sure exactly what they have in store, but speculation runs from a better (working) Android application to the rumored HTC Myst Facebook phone.

There's also rumor of a "deeply integrated" Facebook experience built into the devices people will want to buy. Zuckerberg has been pretty adamant that building a phone is the wrong way to go, so this is certainly a possibility.  We're not sure exactly what to expect, but we know Facebook does things in grand style. We'll know more next week.

Jerry Hildenbrand
Senior Editor — Google Ecosystem

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  • Rich! Considering how the Android client has been an afterthought on the part of Facebook since its inception, I'm now supposed to believe that the two have kissed and made up! I'll believe it when I see it.
  • Still using G+. Haha.
  • I hate FaceBook, from their hidden coockies that track every website you go to, unless you delete all cookies, to keeping copy's and owning everything you post from pics, videos and ideas or thoughts you post are owned by them. Google + does none of that
  • ACTUALLY, Google uses cookies to view sites you visited, to personalize their advertisements on the site for you. If you don't like the fact that cookies are being stored on your computer, block all cookies.
  • New Android FB app?
  • People still use FB?
  • People still say "People still use FB??"
  • Yes you dumb shit. People do...LOTS of them. I'm not sure when everyone started migrating which you seem to be under the impression happend. Go out and make a friend or two.
  • I think the date might be wrong. It might as well be April 1 if you think this announcement is going to significant.
  • What are they going to do? Release an android app that doesn't suck battery? They did a major overhaul of their android app that FINALLY wasn't a POS, and it took them ages to do it. Then within weeks of that following updates made it suck all over again. I'm sticking to using the mobile site. Facebook's app devs suck.
  • Maybe they're building a launcher that ties in with the app. Make any phone a Facebook phone.
  • Maybe they're building a launcher that ties in with the app. Make any phone a Facebook phone.
  • Nothing good for humanity will come of this.
  • I thought facebook was only for teenage girls, just like the iphones.
  • Correct. Ten years ago, there were over 1 billion teenagers... http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn4253-teenage-generation-is-biggest... Let's assume that half are girls (I don't know the stats), and allowing for population growth and being of the age where they can afford and are allowed something more advanced than a feature phone, there are probably about 500 million Facebook phone reasy girls. However, and this is the big one, as part of my business (I actually design gadgets - as will become clear in due course) I mix with, observe and talk to many young people, all of whom use FB and own mainly Blackberry's (Pre Z10) because they cannot yet afford what the other half use, iPhones. And guess what? They HATE FB, and only use it because their friends do, but would rather it didn't exist. And that sentiment is consistent, not something just a few people say. Here in Europe, the UK in particular, young people do not remain loyal to trends, hence they are called trends. FB is a fad, a trend, that like minor drug use, Rubik's cube, skateboarding and other things, will be discarded when something better or more pleasing comes along. So, whilst they may USE FB on a smart phone, knowing they can remove it at any time, will they plonk down on a device that is pure FB? Only time will tell! (Assuming an FB phone is due on April 4.)
  • this will make a very good april fool joke
  • Apparently April 4 is "National Tell a Lie Day".
    Make of that what you will.
  • I just hope that everyone remembers how Facebook treated Android in the beginning with the first janky ass app they put out. The fact that we weren't even sure in the beginning who the developer was. The best thing that ever happened for social media and Android was Google+. Yes, all your friends may not be there but that's fine. It's been a better experience from day one. It's easy to jump on the bandwagon when the team is winning. It's why I take every opportunity online to bash Facebook and Gameloft for their supposed "love" for Android.
  • I am done with FB. It got worse and worse and as I realized once they went public that the profit margins would force to advertise but what they did and how they did it is dumb. FB to me is so evasive and absolutely some of the worst coding I have seen for Android and Apple products but again, this is just my opinion.
  • Most of the people I see on Facebook are old people or people who are trying to catch up to what is hip.
  • Really? You must have no friends. Everyone I see on Facebook is between 23 and 40 and people I went to highschool with, people I've met through friends and various other avenues. Not sure what website you're on. I'm so sick of the dorks who are all like "Facebook sucks, I'll never use it blah blah". I've come to the conclusion that those people are usually massive loners with almost no friends and probably dont get out much. Yeah I use Google + and I use it on a daily basis. But if you are gonna bash Facebook come up with some better reasons as to why it "sucks" other than you have no social life.
  • Newsflash: FB friends != real life friends. Not everybody is interested in every little thing their acquaintances are doing. If I want to socialize, I call or do something in person. How people equate liking FB to having a social life is beyond me. You want reasons? I hate FB because it's full of demeaning, competitive buttholes like you.
  • Hopefully it's an app that actually WORKS. And yes, I still use FB even tho I hate them. It's a networking/promo tool and nobody I know that matters is on Google+ unfortunately..
  • Oops, there goes another Google mobile search segment .... Amazon ... then Facebook ... Who could be next?
  • I'd like to see you do better..
  • If it was a fork for a phone or tablet like Amazon's Kindle Fire, Facebook probably wouldn't mention "Android". Fully expect this to be an updated app with more emphasis on your homescreen.
  • If it was a fork for a phone or tablet like Amazon's Kindle Fire, Facebook probably wouldn't mention "Android". Fully expect this to be an updated app with more emphasis on your homescreen.