Expand your Wi-Fi coverage with the Eero Pro mesh system on sale for $319

Eero Pro Mesh
Eero Pro Mesh (Image credit: Amazon)

Sick of finding that great spot on the couch, the sweet area that just feels great when you're cuddled up with a blanket and surfing the internet on your phone just to find out that the Wi-Fi is so weak it cuts out all the time? Fix that with the Eero Pro mesh WiFi system bundle, which is down to $319 at Amazon today.

The system comes with one Eero Pro and two Beacons designed to extend the connectivity. Supports up to Wi-Fi 5 and has data transfer rates of 1200 Mbps. Can cover a 2 to 4 bedroom home with reliable internet. Has a mobile app for easy setup.

So this bundle comes with three devices. One is the Eero Pro, which is the main bulk of what you're buying. The other two items are the Eero Beacons. These are simpler devices that act as Wi-Fi extenders for the Pro and are in fact full-fledged Wi-Fi access points. You plug them into standard outlets and they pick up the signal from the Pro and cast it out just a bit farther. They're more reliable than a regular Wi-Fi booster and allow your devices to establish a more secure connection with less interuptions.

The Eero Pro system can replace your traditional Wi-Fi router and of course any boosters you have. It covers two to four bedroom homes in fast and reliable internet. The system uses TrueMesh technology and leverages its wireless access points for a dependable internet experience. It's also using Eero's 2nd-generation tech, which is a big improvement from previous versions. The Pro is twice as fast as the 1st-gen Eero and still backwards compatible with those devices if you happen to have any around.

The whole thing is super easy to setup, too, thanks to the Eero's companion app. The app provides you ways to manage and secure your network, too, so you can stay in control of your internet even as you extend how far it reaches. Use the app to get your Pro exactly the way you want it, then use the beacons to make sure everyone at home can connect.

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