Oculus Quest is Facebook's last piece of hardware in its first generation of VR devices. It has six degrees of freedom, movement tracking so you can game throughout an area and two Touch Controllers, which facilitate a wide range of gameplay. The Oculus Quest now has over 100 games available, ranging from first-person shooters to musical saber swinging. The most recent titles are marked with "new" so you can keep track of all the latest games.

Available now

Nonstop fun: Beat Saber

Staff pick

Beat Saber is one of the most popular VR games across many platforms. In it, you use both controllers and motion tracking to swipe at blocks that are synced to music. None of those words do the game justice, and having it available at launch is a massive deal for the Quest.

$30 at Oculus Store

Use the force: Vader Immortal: Episode II

Editor's Choice

This sequel takes you even further into the world of Darth Vader. In it, you learn to master the Force from the Sith Lord himself, learning how to throw people and objects. It has a story mode and upgraded dojo that lets you swing your lightsaber and destroy enemies.

$10 at Oculus Store

Matrix VR: Superhot VR

Must Have Title

Superhot VR is one of the games I compare all VR games against. The unique visual style and gameplay make it the perfect VR game, and I cannot wait to use it in the Oculus Quest, free from tethers.

$25 at Oculus Store

"Accounting": Accounting+

This comedic game is about just about anything other than accounting in an office. It takes you to a series of virtual worlds where you go on a humorous adventure.

$12 at Oculus Store

Blowing up pigs: Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs

This game takes the familiar birds you know from the franchise and puts them into 3D. Just like in the popular mobile game, you can solve puzzles in over 50 levels by slinging birds at pigs.

$15 at Oculus Store

Bow vs bot: Apex Construct

In this post-apocalyptic world, you use a bow, arrow, and shield to battle robots. It's a single-player game that mixes solving puzzles with a story in which you're the last human on the planet.

$20 at Oculus Store

Gone fishin': Bait!

Relax as you catch a variety of fish to help a local aquarium fill their tanks. Four different lakes are all home to unique fish.

Free at Oculus Store

Cute castle defense: Ballista

In this first-person VR title, you're aided by magical items and creatures. You can collect magical creatures to hurl at opponents to defeat them.

$15 at Oculus Store

Virtual pet: Bogo

This is a simple game that allows you to interact with and take care of a virtual pet. It features a scalable play area to take advantage of the space you have in the real world.

Free at Oculus Store

VR fitness: BOXVR

This VR game will help you get into shape through boxing at blocks. It includes content from several trainers to help you burn calories without getting bored. You can also track your progress, workout to music, and create your own playlists.

$30 at Oculus Store

Into the mines: Cave Digger: Riches

You can explore the pioneer front, dig your way to gems, and use explosives to find treasure in this mining game. You can upgrade your vehicle and items to help you find more treasures on the frontier.

$20 at Oculus Store

Epic golf: Cloudlands 2

This game mixes mini-golf and full-size golf into one game. There's a 54-hole single-player campaign and support for online multiplayer. You can also create and play on custom levels.

$20 at Oculus Store

Boxing legacy: Creed: Rise to Glory

Boxing as Adonis Creed, this game puts you toe-to-toe with your opponents. You can throw punches, dodge strikes, and knock out your opponents in career, multiplayer, online PvP, and Freeplay game modes.

$30 at Oculus Store

I feel like dancing!: Dance Central

VR is the natural evolution for the Dance Central games. After all, they were some of the first motion control games, so it makes sense for them to go to full-body motion too. The music they have in the game sounds excellent, but boy-o, am I going to do poorly at this one.

$30 at Oculus Store

Western styles: Dead and Buried II

Billed as a VR paintball game, Dead and Buried II improves on the original and looks to be an excellent game for the Quest. It could be one of the arena games as well, so watch out for that.

$20 at Oculus Store

Zombie mayhem: Death Horizon: Reloaded


Shoot and blast your way through a research center infested by zombies in this thrilling title. You can choose from a wide range of weapons to use to spray bullets at the zombie hordes.

$20 at Oculus Store

Hack and slash: Drop Dead: Dual Strike Edition

Team up with friends or play solo as you battle zombie hordes with axes, bats, and a variety of melee weapons. You can slash a zombies arm off or hit it off with a baseball bat.

$15 at Oculus Store

Brawl and bash: Drunkn Bar Fight

Whether you liked the bar fight in Kingsmen or just want to smash a gumball machine over someone's head, this VR game is for you. You can grab a whole slew of items and beat up rowdy drunks.

$15 at Oculus Store

Digital DJ: Electronauts

In Electronauts you can create music as a VR DJ. There are over forty songs from more than fifty artists from EDM, hip hop, trap, and many other genres for you to play with.

$20 at Oculus Store

Magical mission: Elven Assassin

You can slay hordes of orcs and dragons with a bow and arrow in this game as the titular Elven Assassin.

$15 at Oculus Store

Advanced space combat: End Space

In this space combat game, you glide through space, firing a wide range of lasers and missiles at your enemies.

$15 at Oculus Store

Thrill ride: Epic Roller Coasters

Race your friends or ride alone on roller coasters to feel a thrill. You can race or play in shooting mode, which adds targets to hit during your ride.

Free at Oculus Store

Face your demons: The Exorcist: Legion VR

You can face demons in this immersive horror title. In the game, you learn demonic exorcism throughout multiple chapters and can replay levels to uncover hidden details.

$25 at Oculus Store

Why? Why would you do this?: Face your Fears 2

Also known to me as the NOPE game, Face your Fears 2 by Turtle Rock Games is the stuff of nightmares. The game is designed to show you common phobias that people have and ramp up that experience to insane levels.

$20 at Oculus Store

Getting to know VR: First Steps

This mini-game allows you to familiarize yourself with the Oculus Quest. In it, you can fling paper airplanes, shoot at targets, grab blocks, and get to know the device's controls.

Free at Oculus Store

Slice and dice: Fruit Ninja

The popular fruit-slicing mobile game, where you use katanas to slice at the fruit that's flung at you, comes to VR. You can play in classic, arcade, zen, and survival mode.

$15 at Oculus Store

Beautiful puzzler: Fujii

Fujii is one of those ethereal games that is almost as much fun to look at as it is to play. When you play as characters that are a spirit in nature, it can sometimes feel very soothing. This will be a beautiful game to relax to, I think.

$15 at Oculus Store

VR art: Gravity Sketch

Gravity Sketch places you in a blank 3-D canvas in which you can use the Oculus Quest's Touch Controllers to create 3-D art. You can export created work directly into CAD software, a game engine, or a 3-D print platform.

$30 at Oculus Store

Shoot'em up: Gun Club VR

This game puts you in shooting galleries, firing ranges, and several other environments. You can collect a broad range of guns and customize your firearm's scopes, stocks, and more.

$15 at Oculus Store

Connecting with friends: Half + Half

This game is all about connecting with your friends. You can play with friends in five multiplayer spaces, including space, the sky, and underwater. You can also play human Tetris with your friends or just goof around and let loose.

$15 at Oculus Store

Explosive puzzles: I Expect You to Die

This game puts you into several crazy and dangerous situations. You need to solve each puzzle using your whit and your character's resources and telekinesis. You'll have to do everything from stopping dynamite to beating fires to stay alive.

$25 at Oculus Store

Wierd and wacky: Job Simulator

We all know Job simulator, right? It's weird, it's funny, it's weird again. It doesn't precisely simulate a job. Instead, you can throw staplers, smash objects, chug coffee, and more.

$20 at Oculus Store

IDDQD: Journey of the Gods

Journey of the Gods looks pretty epic. Vast sweeping vistas, a cartoony graphics style, and a mix of combat experiences make this a game to look out for. Plus, you get to go full-on GODMODE, so that should be fun.

$30 at Oculus Store

Clever multiplayer: Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

Solving puzzles is a lot of fun. Solving puzzles in VR is even more fun. Solving puzzles in VR with an exploding puzzle is the best.

$15 at Oculus Store

The cutest game ever: Moss

Moss by Polyarc is one of my favorite games to play in Windows Mixed Reality and Rift, so I am excited to see it coming to the Oculus Quest. Leading Quil, the mouse protagonist, around the beautiful world, will be a complete joy with the freedom from cables that the Quest promises.

$30 at Oculus Store

Katana combat: Ninja Legends

This game has you use dual katanas, a bow and arrow, ninja claws, and more to battle hordes of ninja enemies. You can also use special ninja powers like shadow step to defeat your foes.

$20 at Oculus Store

Under control: Oculus First Contact

This is another basic setup to help you get acquainted with VR and the Oculus Quest. In it, you interact with a robot, toss items around, and play with toys inside a virtual space.

Free at Oculus Store

Versatile combat: Orbus VR Reborn

This game has some excellent looking game mechanics. The Bow, sword, and fishing rely on you getting better at the physicality of it. Hopefully, it doesn't depend on it too much, because I'm old and I suck at physical things. I'm still willing to try, though.

$40 at Oculus Store

Arcade fun: Pinball FX2 VR

This digital pinball game has the atmosphere of the pinball machine you use within VR extend to the rest of the experience. That means sharks, cowboys, and other aspects of the game wander the arcade that you play in.

$15 at Oculus Store

Scary room: Please, Don't Touch Anything

This game traps you inside the room in which you can solve 30 puzzles. You can push buttons, hunt for clues, and get creeped out by a monitor in this puzzle game.

$10 at Oculus Store

Playing poker: Poker VR

This VR poker game lets you play in gigantic tournaments and immerse yourself by letting you play with your chips and cards. You can join your friends using the game's Smart friends' system.

Free at Oculus Store

I'll raise you: PokerStars VR

VR seems to be the perfect place for poker tournaments, and from what we have seen, PokerStars VR is a brilliant program for doing just that! You play for keeps, though. Consider yourselves warned, people!

Free at Oculus Store

VR puppetry: Puppet Fever

With hundreds of puppets and props, this simple game is a great way to entertain kids in VR. It also has a companion app on iOS, Android, and PC.

Free at Oculus Store

Ping pong: Racket Fury: Table Tennis

This VR version of table tennis supports multiplayer, single-player, and arcade modes. The developers focus on realism and the game's physics engine to deliver a crisp and motion-realistic experience.

$20 at Oculus Store

Racket mashup: Racket: NX

Rather than playing racketball in a rectangle, Racket: NX places you inside a glass dome where the ball can bounce off of every surface. You can use your racket and its tractor beam to control the ball and destroy targets in single or multiplayer modes. The game has a teaser video, stating that it's coming to the Quest.

See at Oculus Store

Helping islanders: Raccoon Lagoon

In this game, you help sailors who have been marooned on the shore of your island. There are eight climates on the island, and in them, you can cook, fish, farm, mine, paint, and more. Raccoon Lagoon doesn't have a release date listed but is in the Coming Soon section of the Oculus Store for the Quest.

See at Oculus Store

Realistic fake fishing: Real VR Fishing

This VR fishing game focuses on realism. It has a 72 Hz Mode and "photorealistic environmental 3D graphics."

$20 at Oculus Store

Good clean fun: Rec Room

If you own a VR headset and you don't know Rec Room, you should change that. Rec Room is one of the most well rounded VR experiences I've ever had. It has a myriad of adventures to go on, including a full-size Battle Royale paintball game, a pirate ship adventure, and laser tag.

Free at Oculus Store

Striking space visuals: Red Matter

This puzzle-driven adventure title takes place during a dystopian sci-fi cold war. In it, you take a ship to one of Saturn's moons and investigate a secret research project. The game features impressive visuals and has earned rave reviews from many.

$25 at Oculus Store

Hacking adventure: République VR

This puzzle and strategy game pits you against a totalitarian state. You can hack a surveillance network and guide a trapped woman back to safety.

$15 at Oculus Store

Defying gravity: Richie's Plank Experience

This game starts on a thin plank 80 stories high. After walking across the plank, you can jump and soar through the city with rockets.

$15 at Oculus Store

Ultron style death: Robo Recall

Robo Recall from Epic Games is a bullet storm game with some unique gameplay design. Using it on the Oculus Quest will bring a lot of needed freedom to the game, allowing you to spin 360 degrees to destroy killer robots en masse.

$30 at Oculus Store

Falling with style: Rush

You can skydive in over 100 levels inside Rush. The game supports online multiplayer and single-player so that you can soar down mountainsides in races, challenges, and Time Attack mode.

$20 at Oculus Store

Samurai combat: Sairento VR

In Sairento VR you're a cyber ninja set in a reimagined futuristic Japan. The combat system includes high jumps, slow-motion that's reminiscent of bullet time, and both sword and gun combat.

$15 at Oculus Store

Picard Puzzles: Shadow Point

Puzzle games in VR are fantastic. You get so much space in a truly 3D world to explore, and the developers get that much space to mess with your mind. It also has Sir Patrick freaking Stuart doing the narration, and for me, that's an instant buy.

$20 at Oculus Store

Card battling: Skyworld: Kingdom Brawl

This real-time multiplayer card game has you use dozens of cards to battle opponents. It includes over 20 battle arenas, and you can join clans to improve your battling experience.

$10 at Oculus Store

Argghhh: Space Pirate Trainer

Space Pirate Trainer is a firm favorite with everyone who plays it. It's a brilliant combination of Bulletstorm and Space Invaders, and, because of the unique way the VR works, all of this is happening around you in a frenzy of neon insanity. Love it.

$15 at Oculus Store

Classic sports: Sports Scramble

We have now confirmed the game that what was once called Project Tennis Scramble, will now be called Sports Scramble and will have tennis and bowling at launch, with baseball to follow. This reminds me of everything I liked about Wii Tennis.

$30 at Oculus Store

Giant swords: Swords of Gargantua: Quest

This cross-platform combat game allows you to fight giant enemies with a sword and dozens of other weapons. You can work alone or play online with up to three other players.

$20 at Oculus Store

Stopping time: Time Stall

This game places you in a spaceship in which you need to battle robots and sort out the mayhem befalling the space cruise ship. Within the game, time is stopped so you can manipulate objects and move projectiles in bullet time.

$15 at Oculus Store

Virtual novel: TOKYO CHRONOS

This virtual mystery novel has an estimated story of 15-20 hours. It's set in a world in which time is frozen, and people have lost their memories.

$40 at Oculus Store

Zooming battles: Thumper

This endless track game lets you play as a space beetle hurtling through high-speed levels. You can avoid obstacles, learn new moves, and defeat bosses to the game's soundtrack.

$20 at Oculus Store

Next level artistry: Tilt Brush by Google

What if the entire world was your canvas, and your paintbrushes could draw light and sound and emotion with the same effort as any other paint? The folks at Google have been bringing fantasy to virtual reality for years now with Tilt Brush. And for the first time, that experience will be entirely cord-free thanks to Oculus Quest.

$20 at Oculus Store

Feel the groove: TribeXR DJ School

This DJ training game lets you import your own music and cross-play with the Rift. It has video tutorials and live classes to help you rock out.

$20 at Oculus Store

Flying high: Ultrawings

Fly in the sky in four unique aircraft as you earn money, pop balloons, and race your way through the air. You can buy airports and new vehicles to progress your flying career.

$15 at Oculus Store

LIGHT SABERS!: Vader Immortal: Episode I

Not a game, technically, but a VR story taking you through some of the adventures everyone's favorite villain experiences in the Star Wars universe. The folks at ILMxLAB have quite the story cooked up for this title, and they're very excited to share it with everyone on Oculus Quest!

$10 at Oculus Store

VR inception: Virtual Virtual Reality

We heard you like virtual reality, so this developer put virtual reality inside of virtual reality. You can explore over 50 virtual realities and jump around between different styles of gameplay.

$15 at Oculus Store

Vrooooom: VR Karts: Sprint

VR Karts: Sprint is a chance to bring the feeling of Mario Kart to your Oculus Quest. It doesn't always succeed in doing so, but it is still a lot of fun whizzing around.

$15 at Oculus Store

VR Mos Eisley: VRChat

VRChat is both a good and bad thing. Good because you be anything you want to be. Bad because a lot of people want to be awful. If you can find your own niche, it should be fun.

Free at Oculus Store

Magic dueling: Wands

This first-person dueling game has you use a wide variety of spells against other players online. It's cross-platform and also has AI opponents that you can practice against.

$20 at Oculus Store

Magical battling: The Wizards

You can sling fireballs and spells at your enemies in this action-adventure game. It has you solve puzzles, battle creatures, and cast spells using your Touch Controllers.

$25 at Oculus Store

Oculus Go/Gear VR games

Oculus announced that compatible Oculus Go and Gear VR games will be playable on the Oculus Quest. The initial library of Oculus Go/Gear VR games to make the jump includes dozens of titles, and more will be added along the way.

Candy coasters: 3C Wonderland Coaster

This coaster game takes you through wonderful lands filled with sweets, including chocolate rivers and candy creatures.

Free at Oculus Store

Fancy flying: Ace Phantom

This 360-degree flyer has you combat enemies in a OO-Phantom fighter jet.

$5 at Oculus Store

War combat: Air Combat (WW2)

This flying game supports multiplayer modes and training that helps you hone your aerial combat skills.

$2 at Oculus Store

Scary space: Angest

You play in this game as a cosmonaut on a ship that's on a mission. The longer you're on the ship, the more your sense of reality falters.

Free at Oculus Store

Simple shooting: Bathroom Shooting Games

Some people say it's important to keep your ducks in a row. This game makes it important to shoot your ducks in a row. It's a simple shooting game that you can kill time with by shooting ducks.

Free at Oculus Store

Top down gaming: Battle of Kings VR: Mobile

Create a strategy to defeat your opponent in this top-down combat game. You can battle against other players or AI in strategic combat.

$5 at Oculus Store

Crazy coasters: Coaster

You can ride in four coasters, including coasters that dodge around asteroids in space and a dystopian mining colony, in this VR coaster experience.

$3 at Oculus Store

Endless running: CubeRun.VR

Collect coins as you run for eternity and dodge obstacles. You move your head around to stay clear of debris and keep your body ready to run.

Free at Oculus Store

Playing with polygons: DRIFT

In this game, you soar around freely and dodge obstacles to find your targets. It features a unique polygon art style and slow-motion effects that allow you to perfect your plans.

$10 at Oculus Store

Oneiric world: Daedalus

You hunt for three platforms that open gates while exploring a world inspired by a dream in this platformer. You can glide on the wind and jump off trampolines to explore the surreal world.

$5 at Oculus Store

VR hacking: Darknet

This strategy/puzzle game positions you as a hacker that uses viruses and worms to steal data on the web. Its art style is inspired by TRON, The Matrix, and other cyberpunk titles.

$10 at Oculus Store

Disturbing story: Dead Body Falls

This story-driven game allows you to watch the story from multiple perspectives to see all the details. It follows a disturbing event at a hotel where.

Free at Oculus Store

Zombie virus: Death Horizon

The T12 virus has broken out in this game, leading to zombie hordes appearing everywhere. You can use a variety of guns to slay the zombies, including a machine gun without any recoil. It supports co-op multiplayer, so you can kill zombies with your friends.

$5 at Oculus Store

Eyes up front!: Don't Look Away

This horror experience has you strapped to a chair, bound, and gagged by a mysterious entity. You have to solve the mysteries of the room before it's too late.

Free at Oculus Store

Flying free: FREE FLIGHTER

This combat flying game places you inside a dangerous nebula to battle your enemies. You have to protect your interstellar base and leaders from "the defilers."

Free at Oculus Store

Scary running: Fear Incarnate

This title combines an endless runner and a cinematic horror experience. You awaken from a cryo-stasis inside a nightmarish experience full of deadly traps and corridors.

$3 at Oculus Store

Scary coaster: Fears Nightmare Roller Coaster

This short game has two scary roller coasters that take you through scary environments. There are explosions, wired machines, and effects that enhance the frightening experience.

Free at Oculus Store

Get it?: Gamers Generations

There are 51 hidden references to games inside this VR experience. You have to find them all to show how much you know about gaming.

Free at Oculus Store

Finding treasure: Hidden Fortune

This game takes you on a VR treasure hunt to find a hidden fortune. In it, you can cast magic orbs and use wands to aid you on your quest.

Free at Oculus Store

Frightening puzzles: House of Terror

This game has you solve puzzles and search through dark environments full of traps and monsters. You have to find out what's gone wrong, but danger is all around you.

Free at Oculus Store

Immersive storytelling: Innocent Forest: The Bird of Light

This immersive story uses 360-degree illustrated pages to tell the story of the memories of those visiting a girl in the forest.

Free at Oculus Store

Fold'em: MetaTable Poker

This poker game allows you to rent a private table that you can invite your friends to with a PIN. You can spend your chips on dozens of objects and play in several environments.

Free at Oculus Store

VR pets: My Virtual Pet VR

You can take care of your virtual pet in this game. Your pet dinosaur can play fetch, eat, sleep, and play with you in VR.

Free at Oculus Store

Artsy: Paint VR

Use your controller to create 3D art inside of VR in this painting experience.

$5 at Oculus Store

Bang bang!: Pirate Shooter

Aim and destroy your enemies in this pirate shooting game. There are levels to unlock, a global leaderboard, and treasures to collect.

Free at Oculus Store

Trust your instincts: Play With Me

This freaky game has you wake up in an "empty" house where you have to trust your instincts to escape.

Free at Oculus Store

Home run!: Power Hitter

This game lets you swing for the fences using your controller. You can take on the 12 Zodiac teams and challenges to prove your skills at the plate.

$3 at Oculus Store

See the pyramids: Pyramids Roller Coaster

You can see the pyramids while riding a roller coaster in this game. Take a look at the pyramids as they were in the 1920s as you barely escape from a tomb while riding the tracks.

Free at Oculus Store

The real deal: Rilix VR

This coaster game focuses on delivering an immersive experience to replicate real life. It has three environments to enjoy and lets you travel to unique places.

Free at Oculus Store

Greek coasters: RollerCoaster Legends

In this game, you ride on rollercoasters inspired by Greek myths such as the Minotaur, Kronos, Charon, and Hades.

$3 at Oculus Store

Battle ships: Salvo Go

This game is essentially a VR version of Battleship. It allows you to seek and destroy your opponent. You can play against other users as well as your friends using the mobile app.

$4 at Oculus Store

Get your sea legs: Sea Hero Quest

In this game, you have to navigate using gathered data to help scientists who have dementia.

Free at Oculus Store

Scary sisters: Sisters: A VR Ghost Story

This immersive ghost story has you interact with sisters from the other world. It has 360-degree visuals to scare you along the way.

Free at Oculus Store

Training time: Sky Fighter: Training Day

This game teaches you how to use your armored sky fighter to combat enemies in the sky. This game includes three free missions and additional missions that can be purchased.

Free at Oculus Store

Future pilot: Space Dodge2

In this game, you're a futuristic pilot on a mission. You travel through the galaxy and overcome challenges using just your piloting skills.

Free at Oculus Store

Virtual tabletop: Tactera

In this virtual tabletop game, you command a futuristic war room to enact your strategies. You can use gunships, tanks, bombers, and other units to defeat your enemies.

$10 at Oculus Store

Mini games: They Suspect Nothing

This collection includes 20 mini-games and five hubs and instructors. The game places you as the last human on Earth in a robot-only society.

$8 at Oculus Store

Thrill ride: Thrill Rollercoasters

You can ride five rollercoasters in this game, each designed to get your blood flowing.

$3 at Oculus Store

Tower defense: Toy Clash

This tower defense game allows you to build up your defenses while planning a strategic attack against your opponents. The whole game is based around toys, so it has a cute charm to it.

$5 at Oculus Store

Music slashing: Track Slash

This game has you swing a saber through blocks set to music. It allows you to feel the groove and interact with the rhythm of songs.

$5 at Oculus Store

Avian domination: Turkey Hunt

In a post-apocalyptic world, you have to battle turkeys that are set on world domination. The turkeys are all in riot gear, so you'll have to give it some extra effort to defeat them.

Free at Oculus Store

Trap setting: Underworld Overlord

In this game, you defend a dungeon with traps, spells, and monsters. You have to defend your dungeon against waves of enemies and protect the Overlord's Animus.

Free at Oculus Store

Hoopin': VR Basketball

You can shoot some hoops in this game, competing against the clock to get as many points as possible before the buzzer goes off.

Free at Oculus Store

Battling and racing: VR Rally

In this racing game, you try to beat your opponents on the track with skill. If pure speed and racing skills don't work, you can beat them with weapons and traps.

$2 at Oculus Store

Single wheel: Wheel Rush

This racing game has you zip around on a single-wheeled racer on an unlimited track. You have to dodge obstacles to keep going on your monocycle.

$1 at Oculus Store

Future titles

Nutty gameplay: Acron

Acron is an impressive looking game that uses both VR and mobile phones to create the gameplay. You are a tree in the VR version, defending your nuts, while mobile players act as squirrels trying to take them. It sounds like a lot of fun for an entire group.

Coming soon

Sunny zombies: Arizona Sunshine

Arizona Sunshine is a VR classic, and I'm thrilled that it is coming to the Oculus Quest. If you have never played, it's a high action, high scare, zombie shooter but based in the beautiful Arizona landscape.

See at Oculus Store

Vertigo inducing: The Climb

The Climb is already a fan favorite with Rift users, so it will be interesting to see how it translates over to the Oculus Quest. Having the freedom to move around more should make the game more enjoyable and scarier if, like me, you are afraid of heights. The developers of The Climb stated the game would come to the Oculus Quest in 2019.

$40 at Oculus Store

EXTERMINATE!: Doctor Who: The Edge of Time

Edge of Time is shaping up to be a fun puzzle game for Doctor Who fans. It feels like a point-and-click adventure from the '90s but with the added twist of being Doctor Who canon. It's exciting, and I can't wait to play.

Everything we know

Arena battles!: Echo Arena

Echo Arena is an offshoot of the fantastic Lone Echo. You get to fly around as a team of robots and play a version of Zero-G Ultimate Frisbee. It's a lot of fun if you can get over the vomit-inducing movement.

See at Oculus Store

Ping pong: Eleven Table Tennis

Eleven is a table tennis game that focuses on realistic physics. The team behind the game is very active on the game's Discord channel and is focused on improving game physics and realism. There isn't a confirmed release date for the Oculus Quest, but it's in private beta testing now and should be released in 2019.

See at Oculus Store

Stealth action: Espire 1

Stealth games should be everywhere on VR systems, but they aren't. Espire 1 hopes to fill the void with an action FPS game featuring a lot of stealth options. You can even sneak up behind people and say FREEZE to stop them in their tracks!

Coming Soon

Socializing in VR: Galaxity

This is a simple VR game that focuses on socializing. In it, you can make friends, play sports, and have a movie theater where you and your friends can watch YouTube. The game's YouTube trailer now states that it's coming to the Oculus Quest soon.

See at Oculus Store

Tactical shooting: Onward

Onward is a tactical shooter that makes players rely on wit and skill rather than gimmicks or gadgets. Players get just one life and have to battle foes in the day, night, and a variety of weather conditions and environments. The game doesn't have a release date for the Oculus Quest but has been announced in a clip on Twitter.

See at Oculus Store

Bow fighting: QuiVR Vanguard

QuiVR, which allows you to shoot a bow and arrow in VR, has been around a little while now and has its own cult following. With the Quest, you get the freedom of movement that's sure to enhance your experience significantly. It's currently only available for the Go, but the game's description mentions cross-play support explicitly with the Oculus Quest, so it should arrive in the future.

$10 on Oculus Store

Solving mysteries: The Curious Tale of the Stolen Pets

This is a charming interactive story from a smaller team of developers. In it, you help your grandfather solve a mystery by exploring a miniature world. There's no release date yet, but more details will arrive at Gamescom in August 2019.

See at Fast Travel Games

Relaxing holiday: Vacation Simulator

From the same team that makes Job Simulator, this title allows you to relax in a variety of environments. You can play in the water, have snowball fights, and make ice sculptures. Owlchemy Labs states that this title will be available by holiday 2019.

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The Oculus Quest has dozens of games available within a month of its launch and has plenty of titles along the way. These titles range from melee combat to shooters, to nightmare-inducing horror games. The game that will get you on your feet and be the life of any party is Beat Saber. Its easy game mechanics mean anyone can jump in and start playing right away. But its range of difficulty levels and variety of songs will keep even the most skilled veterans engaged.

If you prefer a combat shoot'em up, then you should check out Robo Recall: Unplugged. It has intuitive controls and allows you to blast robots with pistols, shotguns, and grab machines and fling them at each other. If you're on a budget, Vader Immortal: Episode II is a great VR title that only costs $10. You can wield a lightsaber, use the force, and battle bots in the training dojo or follow the story mode.

While we do our best to make sure every game available at launch arrives on this list, we don't always catch them all. We aren't Ash Ketchum. We will continue to update this as and when we can, to make sure it is as up to date as possible.

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