Save on home security with the ecobee SmartCamera now on sale for only $80

Ecobee Smartcamera Hero
Ecobee Smartcamera Hero (Image credit: Ecobee)

Home security isn't to be taken for granted. These days, it's more affordable than ever before to keep an eye on your home and capture video footage of anything that's going on inside or outdoors on your property. Smart video cameras like the ecobee SmartCamera even allow you to check in on the video feeds while you're away from home using an app on your phone.

Ecobee's SmartCamera is one of our favorite new home security cameras, which we rated with 4 out of 5 stars in our review last year. Though it originally debuted at a retail price of $179.99, today you can save $100 off that cost and pick up the ecobee SmartCamera on sale for only $79.99 for a limited time. Recently the camera has been selling for around $100, though it's only dropped this low once before.

This indoor Wi-Fi camera streams continuously in 1080p HD so you can always check in on what's happening using an app on your phone. It sends your phone notifications when motion is detected or even if your smoke alarm is set off.

This smart security camera streams continuously in 1080p HD so you can always check in on the video feed using the free app — even when you're not at home. SmartCamera can automatically pan and tilt 180 degrees and is able to detect when a person is in frame and follow them around to keep them in view. You can even set it up to send your phone notifications when motion or sound is detected; there's also a feature that can notify you if your smoke alarm goes off.

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