One of the nicest Android smartwatches is $100 right now for Black Friday

Fossil Gen 5E
Fossil Gen 5E (Image credit: Fossil)

It's rare to see such a significant price drop on a device that isn't even two months old, but that's what we're getting with this Fossil Gen 5E smartwatch deal from Amazon. In an early Black Friday offer, you can save $100 off it, making it only $149 for a great looking and performing smartwatch.

Fossil has been one of the few Wear OS smartwatch makers to continuously offer great looking and highly capable wearables in the last few years. The Gen 5E line of watches released on Oct. 5 and today is getting a major discount too good not to jump on.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 3100 powering this watch features snappy performance and hardware to improve the device's battery life specifically. To add to the hardware helping out the battery longevity, Fossil also builds in software modes to further extend the watch's daily use. The bright and colorful 1.2-inch touchscreen helps you to keep all of your data in clear view.

You'll be able to see not only the time and your notifications but also your fitness goals. It's loaded with things like GPS to keep your distance accurately calculated, heart rate sensor to monitor heart health, and of course, your step count. The Fossil Gen 5E also has built-in sleep tracking to help you get a more comprehensive picture of your health.

The Gen 5E comes in two sizes, 44mm and 42mm, and multiple colors, each with interchangeable standard watch bands at 22 and 18mm, respectively. If you have been eyeing a smartwatch, this is a fantastic deal that gets you a great looking watch full of excellent tech to boot.

Chris Wedel
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